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  1. willstuder

    Digital Trunking Scanner / Dual Band Radio

    Am I the only one who thinks that a dual band (VHF/UHV) handheld combined with a digital trunking scanner like the BCD436HP would be the best invention ever??? I would pay upwards of $800 to $1000 for something with these features and I know it's not out of reach. I was recently looking at the...
  2. K

    Pro-163: Deaf Pro-163?

    My Pro-163 can barely pick up anything. VHF high and 450 anyways. Not sure about other bands. A cable TV amplifier helps but it still not as sensitive as other scanners or transceivers. Is it common for this scanner or is this particular one a dud or damaged? I opened it up and the shielding...
  3. F

    Okwin p25 tulsa cc change?

    I've been a freelance photographer all around Tulsa county. My handheld scanner the pro 668 been working fine on the P25 system for 2 years now. all of a sudden the last couple days. my radios gone cold. I don't hear Tulsa police nomore. or any of the talkgroups on the Tulsa site. the primary...
  4. M

    Standalone Device with Capabilities of SDR

    Pretty straightforward question: Is there a standalone device that can receive such a large spectrum as an RTL-SDR dongle? I'm new to radio usage in general, so I'm open to any suggestions that could make this post and future posts better.
  5. M

    Can not get West Chester on my BCD436HP

    I just bought the BCD436HP and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I loaded West Chester PD, PA in as it's own favorite list from the sentinel program and I've barely heard a word. I can get Chester County PD and Fire EMS. Anyone know why WCPD won't work? I tried it as a direct transfer set up...
  6. Danny37

    Mounting antenna upside down?

    If I mount an antenna upside down will it affect performance? I have a very tight space I can run an antenna through and it seems like if I mount it upside down it would be more easier. It's a scanner antenna, no transmitting whatsoever. Any thoughts?
  7. R

    Scanner help: Uniden BCD325P2

    Scanner help: Uniden BCD325P2 San Pablo PD Hello all, I just bought this new Uniden BCD325P2 scanner and was wondering if anyone can help me start scanning San Pablo PD. I'm new to scanning so I was wondering if anyone can help me on obtain a frequency or provide me instructions on how to get...
  8. Y

    Uniden BCD436HP Questions

    As per previous post. I am new to the radio group. I recently purchased a Uniden scanner, and some tips and tricks would be much appreciated. I am slowly learning how to properly use the radio, but I am unsure how it exactly works.. understand for analog, to properly program, you need a...
  9. Otis413


    The pipeliners are setting up to do their thing here in Pocahontas Co., with a base of operations in Greenbank, from what I hear they'll be here for a year or so. So far I'v not been able to find out much about them except for what's on their FCC license. U S PIPELINE INC 950 ECHO LANE SUITE...
  10. mattw19781

    Just bought bc125at & bct15x

    i have just bought the bc125at handheld and bct15x base/mobile scanners and have been playing around with them for a day, i think they are great radios to replace the bc72xlt and bc355n that i had been using i would be interested in hearing what other users of these radios have to say about them...
  11. SCPD

    XTS5000 vs Scanner

    I'd like to share my experiences in using an XTS5000 to monitor local digital trunking. And my opinions. For me, I am a Motorola buff. Love em (when you can get past the awful RSS/CPS). Once I learned the right way to program this radio via the hidden channel method, I have never had anything...
  12. R

    New and need help - monterey

    Hi all, I am new to this. But I bought a Baofeng radio. I know that i cant really get into things until im licensed so im using it as a scanner. I figured out how to program it using the CHIRP software and programmed my county and local cities directly from this site after I upgraded my...
  13. R

    AC or DC Power Supply?

    Hello all. New to the forum, not new to radios. For years i've been running an external DC supply (Astron, homebrew, etc.) to power my scanners and Ham rigs. I'm not a fan of switching supplies, as they're over-prone to rf hash. What's the consensus on here - use a small wall-wart (like...
  14. S

    XPR 3500 or 3500e as a scanner?

    I was looking into having a motorola portable as a scanner. Yes I understand it can only scan a select amount of channels at a time as its a radio, but I was wondering if it would be a smart idea. The radio is as much as a scanner that I want and I feel that the radio is a better choice due to...
  15. WX9RLT

    Violent Night In Rockford Leaves Many People Shot, And 2 People Dead

    Violent Night In Rockford Leaves Many People Shot, And 2 People Dead http://rockfordscanner(dot)com/2017/08/violent-night-in-rockford-leaves-many-people-shot-and-2-people-dead/
  16. Z

    wouxun kg-uv9d+ as an 800 mhz public safety scanner

    This is a weird request so hear me out completely. https://powerwerx.com/wouxun-kg-uv9d-plus-handheld-amateur-radio Looking into buying this for ham radio use. I just got my license, and this was recommended to me as a decent entry level. Im also a volunteer firefighter. I saw this can...
  17. L

    Scanner disconnect on RF sense

    Hey guys, I'm working on getting a mobile setup installed and had a question regarding my scanner. I'll have three radios and my scanner.. 4 antennas total. Scanner has a dedicated antenna. My question is, is there anything on the market that can disconnect the antenna from my scanner if I...
  18. K

    Help with a scanner

    My scanner (model BC144xl) is very old and is having trouble picking up signal. However the weather station comes in fine. I live in genesee county. Can anyone help? btw, im sorry if this isnt the right forum, i can post in the other uniden forum.
  19. N1DDC

    TRX-2: EZ-Scan & listening to Audio recordings

    Is anyone else having an issue when unplugging the SD card from the scanner and plugging it into your laptop, using EZ-Scan to listen to the audio recording files, I would say more than half the time when listening, the recording audio skips every other second, sometimes not being able to make...
  20. M

    NEED ADVICE on Base Antenna 400mhz Range

    I recently moved away from the City I need to Monitor. I'm about 30 Miles away now and The band I need to pick up is 470-500mhz Range. I run Bearcat Trunk Tracker and Currently I'm using a Discone which is NOT picking anything up. Questions to you : What antenna would you recommend ? How...