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  1. B

    over heated uniden bearcat BCD996T

    I was wondering if any one has experienced overheating a scanner by accident. I had my bearcat bcd996t mounted to my dash of my truck and the other day the temperature out side got in to the high 80's. when I got in to my truck after work I noticed my scanner didn't turn on and that it was hot...
  2. C

    BCD996P2: Don't Understand

    My mother bought a new BCD996P2 scanner so she can listen to the local PD/FD. They joined Omaha's ORION (Omaha Regional Interoperability Network) last year so she can't hear them now. I have been trying to learn what everything is but I don't know where to start. I look at Fremont, Nebraska's...
  3. T

    Newbie...advice for handheld scanner

    I live in the UK and these days from what I've read the UK Emergency Services all use Tetra so nothing to listen to there, however I'd be interested in listening to Airband as I have a weekend house near an airfield. However I'd prefer a handheld as I do a fair amount of traveling, would like...
  4. O

    [BATCH] Record Scanner Audio

    Hi all! The problem I was having I've been having trouble recording dispatch audio at regular intervals for archiving purposes. I wasn't too keen on VOX type recording as Audacity has a really good feature to do that. My issue was I wanted 24/7 recording of audio and to create directories and...
  5. RadioGuy1951

    Want scanner with FM b'cast band

    I already have a Realistic (RS) Pro 2006, which does get the FM Broadcast band... ANY OTHER scanner makes / models that also get the FM B'cast band..? Thanks...
  6. C

    Scanner Repairs UK

    Hi everyone, I have a Yupiteru MVT-7100 that is in need of some TLC. I think the memory bank for one has an issue after taking a knock and secondly the channel switch doesn't seem to do anything. Can anyone in the UK recommend a location to get it repaired/looked at? Thanks!
  7. Homeboys-Scanna

    Uniden To Release New P25 Simulcast-Capable Scanner

    FORT WORTH - Uniden America Corporation, Inc. (NYSE: UNID) has released a press statement that a new, P25 simulcast-capable scanner is scheduled for public release in 4Q 2017. The company's media relations staff posted the following product announcement: "At Uniden America, we strive to...
  8. B

    Scanner suggestions Northumberland County

    Good day all, I am new to the RR forums. I was pretty involved in the scanning hobby in years past but unfortunately life happened and I had to step away from it for several years. That said I recently decided to dig out and dust off my old Uniden and start getting back into the hobby I used...
  9. M

    Question about Police Scanner Archves

    Hey everyone, Thank you for allowing me to register. I am an independent documentary filmmaker working on a new project, and I am looking for someone who might be able to help me locate a Police Dispatch Recording for a specific date in 2014. The local jurisdiction in question is Hayward, CA...
  10. rogueangel2k

    Pro-106: SAME Event Codes

    I have a question about programming event codes. I'd like to only get alerts on tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings, but obviously during bad weather, I can't really test my scanner for fear of doing it wrong and missing a warning altogether. So... Has anyone had experience with SAME Event...
  11. WX9RLT

    Police Radio Encryption Info

    Thought I would share this about the police radio encryption ~ *URL Deleted* EDITORIAL: Police Radio Encryption & Public’s Trust In The Police At An All Time Low With Crime Skyrocketing. | Rockford Scanner
  12. S

    looking for a scanner

    hello, I new to this well I've played around with scanners before but now I looking to buy my own I'm looking for a handheld for mainly burlington opp but if I can mto and that to but opp will be fine I was wondering if anyone had one they are willing to sell or would know where a could get one...
  13. Danny37

    What are my chances of hearing NYC Freqs in Philly?

    I might be moving to philly sometime this year. I grew up and lived most of my life in NYC and scanner listening was on of my hobbies. So what are my chances of hearing NYPD SOD and FDNY in philly with a decent outdoor antenna? I'm glad there's live feeds but nothing beats the physical gear. 90...
  14. D

    Decatur PD Scanner

    Hello Everyone, Im new to the radio scanner world. I currently live in Decatur, Il. I used to listen to the police everyday on the app on my phone. Recently though the channel has been taken offline. I was wonder if anyone in the area would recommend a cheaper scanner that would allow me to...
  15. C

    Dual band antenna for scanning?

    After quite a bit of searching online I'm stumped and request some assistance from the forum. I'd like to set up a base station for lack of a better term at my home and listen to as many frequencies as possible with the most interesting ones for me being at approximately 155mhz, 455mhz and...
  16. SCPD

    Harrison county digital scanner online

    Looks like all of Harrison co is up and running. Sounds real good too. Harrison County Public Safety
  17. E

    WS1040: Programming a talkgroup help!

    Hello I am new to the scanner world! I just recently got a Whistler WS1040! My local police agency just updated to an digital trunked system. I have set up talk groups and I hear nothing. I am able to hear my local fire department and other agencies using frequencies perfectly. I have entered...
  18. K

    Reliable and afforable mobile unit that work in Suffolk County?

    Already have a Baofeng UV5R+, Uniden BC355n and Kenwood TM-V71a in my truck but I'd really like something that will allow me to pick up Suffolk County PD. Was looking at this one below but not sure if it'll work. Uniden Beartracker BCT15X...
  19. R

    Antenna help.

    Hi, I got the WS 1040 scanner and I got my channels programmed in but I'm not getting everything and sometimes it doesn't come in clear. So I was wondering if I bought a new antenna for the scanner would that improve it.
  20. W

    Pro-668: Pro-668 Software Programming

    So a friend gave me his Pro-668 and i read that the software is within the memory card. I installed it into my computer, and read through the "Easier To Read" for the pro 668/1080/etc but i simply do not get how to put in frequencies into the scanner. I just want to put in the P25 systems of my...