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  1. B

    Just upgraded to Windows 10 and having all kinds of problems

    I just upgraded the OS on my PC to Windows 10. I am using Scannercast to broadcast my feed. I have my scanner plugged into the PC through the line in outlet on the sound card. When I first restarted my PC, I could hear the scanner fed through the PC speakers. I don't want that. Then I found out...
  2. kgowen44

    Windows 10 Question

    Hello, I am considering using a newer laptop for the 2 feeds I provide. Currently, there is a ANCIENT Windows XP machine running them and although it works, there is an annoying background noise which I assume are the cheap USB sound "cards" I am using. I have a Windows 10 laptop not doing...
  3. jeatock

    Does anyone sell a Raspberry Pi turnkey audio server???

    Surely someone out there sells a turn-key Pi device that takes scanner or audio and streams it. If not, here is an opportunity for me hire a Pi-Guru and make a few bucks on Amazon. There is nothing wrong with creating trails and busting through snowdrifts to discover new things. But if I can...
  4. SCPD

    Error Status from RR

    I'm getting an error trying to setup my first boardcast. Error Status from RR. HTTP/1.0 401 Authentication Required WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Icecast 2.3.2-kh29" Retry: Retries connection (no further connection errors will be shown) Cancel: Stop trying to connect to the RR server. I did...
  5. A

    Clackamas Fire Dispatch

    I have traded a few emails back and forth with IT Admins for CCOM. I asked if it would be possible to get ops channels up on the Fire Feed. Sounds like now they are having some issues and have taken the feed offline. Has anyone seen this error on Scannercast? The error we are getting is –“...
  6. N

    ScannerCast not seeing audio card

    I am working on my first Live Audio feed. I have a refurb Lenovo Dual Core Pentium with 2 GB of ram running Win7 Home Premium SP1. It has .NET Framework 4. This box will only be used for streaming. I have connected the scanner to the line input of the on board sound card through a Sescom...
  7. C

    Scannercast delay

    OK when i use scanner cast there is a 45 second delay from when somthing comes over the scanner till i hear it over the site. is there away to take away the delay or at least lower the delay to 5 -10 second deley?
  8. N1DDC

    BCD536HP: Windows 10 & BCD536HP

    Is there any plans to update the Windows Serial Drivers to support Windows 10?? I host an online Scanner feed on Broadcastify and up until yesterday I used Windows 8.1 and had no problem broadcasting Alpha-Tags for my channels on my feed using ScannerCast... Now that I updated to Windows 10 I...
  9. tateconcepts

    ScannerCast Has Serious Development Issues

    Let's say I administer several hundred clusters of server farms, some dedicated to security, some to mail, some to LOB (line of business) application and some for random other projects. Sometimes, just one for radio systems. Regardless of if I was running an environment this big on a daily...
  10. tateconcepts

    Running ScannerCast as Windows Service for automation

    Has anyone out in the RR community managed to get ScannerCast to run as a Windows service? I think that it's absolutely nuts to be forced to run this single application under a logged on user with no other purpose in mind! I want to have this user logged of so that if something else requires an...
  11. G

    Unitrunker and ScannerCast

    Gentlemen, I'm using a RTL+tapped scanner setup with Unitrunker and DSD+ to provide my local live audio feed. I want to be able send alpha tag data (Talkgroup, Target, Site) to from Unitrunker to Scannercast so my feed listeners can see who's talking. Has anyone been able to achieve this...
  12. D

    Broadcasting with the Uniden HomePatrol - Tag Support?

    I have seen this question posed before but I either haven't seen any answers to this question or the answer was from 2011 or earlier and things may have changed since then. Right now I am using K1PGV's quite excellent utility ScannerCast to stream my scanner to RadioReference which I...
  13. G

    Scanner Cast crashing

    In the last few days the software has crashed without any warnings. I don't know it is down until I get the email telling me that my feed is offline.
  14. E

    Scannercast Suggestion (Next Version?)

    I would like to have one of the two following features in the next version of ScannerCast.. 1) The ability to resize the window. or 2) Have the "diagnostic information" wrap and not go behind the "Suspend sending tags" button under the Advanced tab. Unfortunately, the diag info puts the P25...
  15. M

    scannercast seems to freeze up

    Overall, I don't think my up-time is that bad. But a couple of times, I found that my feed was offline for several hours, I got the notification late, and since I was away from home I wasn't able to restart it. I'm finding that when this happens, the scannercast software is actually frozen. I...
  16. M

    Scannercast Pro-106 Issues

    I am trying to stream my Pro-106 for personal use using ScannerCast v0.14 (10307). I have the 20-546 Radio Shack programming cable. Icecast is running fine when it comes to receiving and transmitting the stream. However, ScannerCast is having issues keeping communication with the Pro-106...
  17. L

    Microsoft Net Framework Exception

    Hi All, I am running a skywarn (amateur radio) stream on radio reference. After about 2 days, ScannerCast crashes, and I get a very long Microsoft Net Framework Exception. What does this exception mean, and how can I stop it from happening? See the end of this message for details on...
  18. S

    ScannerCast Plaintext Password

    Just noticed as I was setting up the RR Edition of ScannerCast that the password is displayed in plaintext instead of ********. I have V0.13 (1224). I noticed that once my feed was up and running the password changed back into masked ********. Still is a problem between opening the...