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  1. M

    Two questions regarding scanners.

    Hey everyone! I'm a railfanner, I use my scanner to monitor rail traffic and occasionally listen in to the police. I have two questions. One about a comparison of specs between two scanners and another on a purchase I'm probably going to make if confirmed by users on the forum. I have a uniden...
  2. S

    Canada's Wonderland

    Hey everyone, I just had a question to see if there was any updates on Canada's Wonderland as I see that the last bit of information was published a few years back. It's possible it's still the same, but worth popping the question.
  3. C

    Win500: Registration Key

    Hello everyone: I have tried 8 times to purchase from StarrSoft the WIN500 software Registration Key and have used 4 different credit cards, was charged on all of them and then did not get any keys. Either the same day or the next I get an email stating that the credit card transaction would...
  4. S

    Listening to cell phones 2017. Possible??

    Hello ... I know this has been asked before, and 99.99 percent of you will say it can't be done, but is there some way to pick up cell phone frequencies in this day and age? My thinking is there MUST be, there HAS to be ... somehow. ... I mean can't law enforcement or government eavesdrop on...
  5. F

    Pro 94 Trunking

    Can someone explain trunking to me. I am new to it and this scanner.
  6. 1

    Should I Use My Scanner Attenuator?

    Hello I have a 651 and I was doing some research on scanner attenuators and i was wondering if i should use my attenuator and if so should i turn it on Global or just have it under the Rugelar and have it turned to Global or Have the regular attenuator setting on my pro 651 turned on to Global...
  7. 1

    Are Scanner's Illegal

    Hey i was wondering if scanner's are illegal to have?
  8. SCPD

    Where Will Scanning Be In The Future?

    Where Will Scanning Be In The Future?
  9. M

    Self powered Remote Speaker for Scanners?

    Hi, I am curious to see if there is a requirement for this type of device in the market? I know of one device found on Remote speaker microphone for great audio in industrial environments and would like to know how many users would like to have something like this for their scanners?
  10. P

    New info on the Whistler Scanners

    Whistler scanner has posted info on the New models Analog and Digital coming in April. Please use the following link Whistler Group - Whistler Group | Catalog | Scanners
  11. Dustybill69

    New at this type of thing.

    I have heard of programs for slow scan tv signals from the ISS or other satellites, is there a software program for police scanners to receive and decode these?
  12. Danny37

    Comprehensive list of jobs that involve radios

    I see that many people here are intrigued by radios and radio related technology so I want to put a thread that listed careers involving radio communication and radio related technology. For example, Fire dispatcher, cab/limo driver and police officer. Theses job titles can be part time, full...
  13. Danny37

    How do women in your lives react to your hobby of radios

    Statically speaking scanner, radios, ham radio tends to be a male dominated hobby. How do the women in your life react to your hobby? Do they think its weird, fascinating, whatever or actually join you in the hobby. This can be your wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters etc. My mom thought it was...
  14. NFR85

    Need Assistance Picking right Antenna

    I need some help picking the right Antenna for me. I live in Nashua,NH and I would like to be able to pick up Lakes regions NH IE Laconia. I know its probably expensive for that. I'm using a BCD996Xt. And if i can get down towards Boston Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm new on this...
  15. R

    newton county paging tones

    why can't i get eany paging tones for newton county? i have asked the ema director but he said he couldnt release them to the public. is there a reason for that? i want to program some into my scanner. does anyone know where i can get them or how to? kinda flustered thanks for any info.
  16. H

    Running Two Scanners off of a ST-2 Antenna

    Hello. I have searched the forum and found information about using a splitter to run two scanners off of one antenna and from what I understand, doing this causes a db loss. I have an AntennaCraft ST2 on the roof. What I am wondering is if I can run two coax cables from the antenna? I was...
  17. Humancell

    Suggested Scanners for Live Audio Providers

    First off, it is great to see such a great site, and project, dedicated to feeds! What a great idea, and community. Now that I have found it, I want to add my local county and city feeds to the network. I'm really curious about suggestions on the "best" scanners to use to provide live feeds...
  18. M

    Help!! Scanners offline?

    I try to listen to the onlilne police scanner for Maverick County - Eagle Pass, TX here on this site but it's always offline!! Why? What can I do to listen to it? Thanks for the help.
  19. H

    Assistance needed

    We are publishers of local newspapers in southern Connecticut looking for advice. We cover 18 towns, but not all our editors live in those towns. Redding, Stratford and Monroe are available via itunes, but most of the other towns are not. Is there a way to set up a scanner to one a Mac so we can...
  20. K

    My Shack..Saint Petersburg, Florida

    My modest shack for my streams for Pinellas County, Florida..A Termtex Thin Client, Pro-96, BC246T, BCT15 setup in a spare bedroom. I plan on updating everything after we move. I hope to run just about everything by solar power at that time. Not shown is my other scanners, two Pro-2052, and two...