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  1. w2xq

    32nd Winter SWL Fest Feb 28-Mar 2, near Philadelphia

    "The Winter SWL Fest is a conference of radio hobbyists of all stripes, from DC to daylight. Every year scores of hobbyists descend on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs for a weekend of camaraderie. The Fest is sponsored by NASWA, the North American Shortwave Association, but it covers much...
  2. N

    Problem with ProScan

    11/7/2018 12:34:39 PM Hi I’m new to the forums, glad you’re all here, so my question is.. I have a Uniden BCD325P2 and mainly use ProScan to program it, for the last couple of month or so.. Just recently I’m having a problem I can not figure out. When the scanner is connected with ProScan...
  3. S

    How to get the best result from a new receiver

    I'm In Canberra and have a AOR AR-DV1 with the latest firmware update, connected to an AOR SA7000 antenna. I also have a discone antenna. Both are above my roofline. What should I be trying to listen to and at what times? I don't have a listening preference. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  4. E

    West Linn Police!

    For a while now, I have been trying to listen to the dispatch chatter of my local police department which is West Linn. I had been listening to the Clackamas County Law Enforcement scanner on Broadcastify and 155.430/155.190 on my Baofeng Uv-5ra and thought that I was in the right place until I...
  5. M


    Hi, I'm trying to listen to my local police, I have a BAOFENG UV-5R but its analog? and my police use digital P25? I also have 2 RTL SDR USB dongles. Here is a list of my frequencies https://i.imgur.com/dR9QksP.png I'm lookin for a scanner that can listen to P25 systems, I've looked around...
  6. C

    Will G5 work on a SmartZone system in migration to p25?

    Help me understand the G5 I just came across this device and think it will help me with the problems I have encountered with the RadioShack Pro-668 SCAN. I simply don’t get all the transmissions anymore. Moving on, I like everything about the G5 from durability, size, testimonials, etc. and...
  7. R

    Easy BCD436HP question?....

    Unlike the 'old' scanners that had a scan button on them, the BCD436HP does not. What I am looking for is what button is it that will continue the scan when the radio has hit on a channel that is not of interest at the time and you just want the scanner to continue the scan. Nothing to do with...
  8. A

    Parke County REMC

    https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?fccCallsign=WQIJ957 In reference to the above link, what are the extra frequencies used for? The county listing only lists output frequencies, are the other frequencies input frequencies? This seems like it's a trunked system but it's listed as not...
  9. S

    DSD Sound Output issue - Ubuntu 16.04

    I have a uniden bearcta scanner with a discriminator output mod. It wokrs perfectly decoding audio with DSDplus in windows. However when I try to use it with DSplus in Linux i get the error Syncing voice output stream An error occured while using the portaudio output stream...
  10. A

    DMR Reference Question

    When I look through some of my counties listings for DMR, the color code is listed, but then for the TG and SL, it just has "*" next to it instead of the talk group and time slot. What does the asterisks denote? I looked all over the Wiki and could not find any information. Thanks!
  11. S

    rcmp scanning

    I am interested in getting a scanner that can hear everything! Used to have one years ago that I could hear rcmp, fire, ambulance, and mb hydro (for some reason). Can anyone reccomend a scanner with these capabilities please? Or let me know if this even still possible? thank you
  12. B

    SA GRN

    Good Morning, I'm looking for something that will pickup p25 digtal radio. I want to scan the SA GRN (SES, CFS, MFS). I don't know much about radio so if someone could let me know what to look, I want something for under $200. Im looking at using an SDR dongle but putting in the freqencies...
  13. C

    Federal scanning - Secret service.

    We had VIP activity at KCID yesterday. The typical freqs were in use, 165.375, 164.8875, 12.5khz bandwidth. Whats new are the every 10-30 second beacons from each station. Each freq in use has the short beacons on it while they are active. Before and after this was gone. Sounds like some type of...
  14. O

    No Signal unless I hit the Function Button

    This is really odd. I have been scanning for years. But have not updated to a new scanner in a while. I decided on the 436HP. About 3 weeks after getting it I had to send it in because I broke the antenna off when I dropped it. Uniden repaired it and sent it back but I have been having the most...
  15. matty909

    are you having problems scanning pomona police?

    To all that monitor pomona police: No your scanner is not having problems, pomona is using their orange (encrypted) channel as their temporary dispatch until all the radio are programmed because sadly blue 1 is becoming encrypted as we speak. The process should be finished some time this month...
  16. matty909

    listening to lojack on a scanner

    I recently programmed the lojack frequency into my scanner and was wondering if im within receiving range of a vehicle with its lojack activated will i here a "beep" (vehicle transmitting its i.d.) for a while now i hear what sounds like a data burst which im assuming is the towers identifying...
  17. F

    RF Links?

    Hi All, I'm relatively new to scanner land and was noticing on a lot of the RadioReference frequency listings for my area that the fire departments each have their VHF frequency, but then there is also a UHF frequency labeled as RF Link or Link. I am not able to receive many of the farther out...
  18. V

    New ws1088

    Hi, new to this scanner, lots of interesting info on the forum, very useful. One feature that seems to be missing from this scanner, is the ability for it to do a scan and store the frequencies it stops at, you seem to have to be listening to it and then store each one. I do not seem to be...
  19. K

    Old Yagi TV Antenna

    Hey All, Not too familiar with antennas so I was wondering if you could help. Have an old Yagi TV Antenna mounted to chimney from way back when (was there when we moved in). Found the old coaxial cable today and was wondering if I can set it up for scanning? Images If it is able to be used...
  20. RadioGuy1951

    Yaesu: FT60: scanning police & fire bands

    Help please...I want to set up some of the channels into scan banks for police & fire freqs (receive only, NO transmit) on my Yaesu FT-60... Using FT-60 Commander, I'm able to set up the 2 way ham freqs OK... But it won't accept non ham band freqs, even though the manual says it can receive...