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  1. minasha

    Motorola Smartzone work around?

    I have a local motorola smartzone system that has many analog Tg's and only 2 P25 Tg's. I programmed all 15 frequencies as Csq conventional channels and all the Tg's are working fine. My question is: If I change all frequencies to p25 protocol instead of csq will I receive only p25 traffic...
  2. poltergeisty

    Your favorite computer hardware

    Being into computers and what not, I have a love fascination with certain computer hardware. No, it's not the CPU, or RAM, or hard drive, or even a nice dedicated sound card. It is in fact the UPS. These things are fantastic. I bought a CyberPower CP850PFCLCD last year right before Summer since...
  3. H

    Partial FCC shutdown

    FCC has notified that a partial shutdown of FCC operations will occur Thursday Jan 3. https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-355793A1.pdf
  4. K

    Modes on specific frequencies?

    I kinda suspect that this falls under the topic of 'gentleman's agreement', but is there some place where it lists specific frequencies and the data modes used on them? The bottom of this page is an example, but it's likely not up to date, as it doesn't cover the new FT8 mode; WB8NUT - Digital...
  5. Hondaddy

    ARC-XT to BCD 396XT

    Hi, Just bought all new stuff to follow our community. I have a Radio Reference Premium sub. and my local Public Safety System is downloadable to my ARC-XT PRO software (using USB-1 cable). After downloading my system from RR to the ARC program, I click on Upload to scanner. Seems successful...