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  1. marksroberson

    School Communications

    Hello all, I have a question and this is the only forum sub that i could find suitable, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is moved. I work at a Private High School in Birmingham, AL during the summer (IT Manager, Maintenance, and Security are all on my ID card as my position :LOL:) I installed...
  2. H

    Does anyone know any school frequencies in Bournemouth + Poole DORSET?

    Hello everyone, hope we are all fine this afternoon? I was asking if anyone knows any frequencies in Bournemouth + Poole Area Dorset? [Secondary schools] I want to listen to my school as I have many productions / concerts coming up. Or if you could list down useful websites / links. Much...
  3. K

    Tri Creek Schools--Bus Frequency, Lake Co, IN

    I've noticed that there isn't a listing for the Tri Creek School Corporation Bus Service in the Lake Co, IN schools list. I'd like to ask if I could add the following data: Tri Creek Schools Frequency: 153.560 Licence: WQPY899 Type: BM Tone: 127.3 PL Alpha Tag: (at your...
  4. U

    NYPD SSD Units

    So today I was listening to school safety citywide one and I heard over the radio different unit ID's like "Brooklyn north adam" and "Brooklyn north 14", "u-90", "team one". So I was wondering if someone knew what those units are? and can define them for me.
  5. K

    monarch bus service

    I went to dragon festival and was trying to monitor the buses. I found frequencies listed in the database 452.26250 452.36250 452.46250 452.73750 159.49500000 but no actvity on these. Anybody know if they have changed to a different group of frequencies?
  6. M

    Elk Grove Unified School District

    I monitor EGUSD PD along with other agencies, and when the dispatcher for EGUSD comes on, they are hard to understand at times, with a lot of background noise. Does anyone know where they are dispatched from? Also, during the day, it sounds as if they have two dispatchers talking to each other...
  7. T

    Repeater Question (schools)

    Hi all- I am new to scanning and amateur radio in general and I had a couple questions regarding repeaters. I have browsed the FCC records, and determined the frequencies my school uses. I programmed them all into my scanner, and the only one I have heard anything on is: 463.9125 I have...
  8. K

    Schrieber High School (Port Washington, NY)

    I was wondering how I can find out the frequencey for schrieber high school?
  9. dw2872

    Colo Springs - Holmes Middle School MCI - as paged

    At about 2:50pm on April 22nd, several students at Holmes Middle School in Colo Springs fainted or felt ill and had breathing difficulty and headaches. A total of 10 students have went to the hospital so far (6 by AMR, 2 by parents, 2 wondered into fire stations and were taken to the hospital)...
  10. K

    BCSC Bartholomew County Schools

    Anyone know what freqs the Bartholomew County School corp is using? I tried the new trunked system but heard no traffic..
  11. P

    First Student in Buffalo/Cheektowaga Area

    I was wondering what the frequency was for First Student/Formerly Laidlaw for the terminal that is located on Walden Ave in Cheektowaga.