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  1. S

    Encryption and Scrambling

    Before I spend nearly $500 for a new scanner, I'd like to know the likely-hood of law enforcement encryption and/or scrambling in the Magnolia state. Without getting location specific is there any general information about this issue? My old scanner is basically useless now, and I don't want the...
  2. W

    F3021 scrambler, problem and solution

    I installed a UT-110R scrambler board in a F3021 today. I have done this several times before with no issues. This time, It would scramble encode but not scramble decode. I took the module out and looked at my work at cutting the two required traces. I was using a magnifying headpiece. It...
  3. RadioGuy1951

    Scrambled comms on CHP 39mhz

    2 days ago I heard scrambled (inversion) comms on one of the 39.xxx mhz CHP channels... This was in Mendocino County I was driving and in the light available I wasn't able to see which EXACT channels it was. If I hear it again I hope I can hit the manual button in time, so it doesn't...
  4. J

    Kenwood TK3212 Voice scrambler

    Does anyone know if you can defeat the "Voice Scrambler" function on the newer Kenwood units (TK 3212). What I mean by "defeat" is that you can scan the transmissions with a scanner and hear the message?
  5. S

    TK760G & TK2180 Scramble Options

    Okay, I've dug and dragged my way around the internet and haven't found a solution. So here goes: I have a TK760G Mobile and am wanting to know what options I have to add scramble function to it. Looking for sites, and hopefully users who have done this. On my TK2180(Portable) I'm looking for...