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sd card

  1. N

    TRX-2: Mobile installation

    I purchased a TRX-2 specifically for the remote control head feature to install it in my daily driver but in testing it became clear that you run the risk of corrupting the SD card if you just drop the power when you turn the car off. For those of you that have installed the TRX-2 in your...
  2. N

    BCD536HP: Grandmas scanner SD card went bad (under a year warranty) need help with new one

    So my grandma lives in mower county MN. Her scanner SD card went bad and I loaded all the channels from here on it and I still cannot get it to work. I even tried the basic programming but it will not get what the below link gets. It is bad when I have 5 years of corporate IT experience and...
  3. A

    BCD536HP: Corrupt SD memory card

    The memory card in my BCD536HP is corrupt. I can read from it but can no longer write to it. I am also unable to format it to restore the original files. I know it is the memory card because I programmed a new one and it works OK in the radio. Does anyone know if this is covered under the...
  4. rvacs

    PRO-107 Acting Up from Time to Time...

    Ok...got a steal on a Pro-107 on Ebay. I absolutely love the iScan Software. Love the size of the scanner. Loving everything about it BUT Scanner will sometimes come on - but display is backlit but no text on the screen. I can sometimes get it to start working by Powering off / and Master...