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  1. J

    SDRTrunk JMBE Build HELP!

    Hi, This is my first post on this form. I'm trying to get back into SDRs again but SDRTrunk is kicking my butt. I need some help building the JMBE.jar file. I'm following these instructions DSheirer/jmbe but every time I run the build command I get this: BUILD FAILED in 44s 5 actionable...

    ETTUS RESEARCH USRP B200: Exploring the Wireless World

    I thought this video was pretty interesting because it shows the many way SDR can be utilized. I am planning to experiment in SDR in near future and have not yet decided the HW platform. So I am just throwing this out.
  3. G

    New to Scanning looking for advice.

    I'm looking to get back into scanning, I currently live in the Chicago Uptown area and was wondering what kind of equipment I might need. I would like to listen to Police/Fire as well as Marine and Air. I'm currently using SDR for police but having a hard time figuring out fire and air and was...
  4. Charlie1068

    Baofeng Baofeng RD-5R DMR TDMA Help

    I recently purchased a RD-5R and can program DMR no problem, but some of the frequencies I can receive in DSD Plus are TDMA. I can receive them fine on DSD, but then I program the frequencies, Color Code and Talk groups. I can't pick up any of there chatter, I have retraced my steps to make sure...
  5. R

    HackRF One - Transmit without SDR Angel on Windows 10?

    Hello all, I'm new here and to SDR in general so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or incorrect terminology. I was wondering if anyone knows of any software other than SDR Angel that has transmit capability for the HackRF One. SDR Angel works, although it's rare and very inconsistent...
  6. kjl13

    Looking for SDR that...

    Hey RR, I bought an SDR recently and the SDR and the antennas were complete junk. The SDR worked the same with or without the antenna. It was the NooElec RTL2832U. I am looking for an affordable SDR that can run 24/7/364, it just needs to stay on one frequency(UHF Part-90 frequency). Another...
  7. Chibson

    SDR Dongle Broken?

    So I recently purchased a Nooelec E4000 on Amazon and got it in the mail today. When I got it working with SDR Sharp I keep getting this on the waterfall display. I have tried everything to get rid of this. Not only is this constantly on the waterfall display wherever I frequency I go but now I...
  8. S

    SDR HT Transceiver?

    Are there any SDR based HT's transceivers available yet on the market? Not talking about a cobbled together raspberry pi / DIY type but a polished consumer ready out of the box solution. SDR is making its way into base station units like Yaesu FT-DX101D as well as HT and mobile scanners like the...
  9. E

    Modify/Revive old RTL stick (part 1)

    Modify/Revive old RTL stick I bought 2 of these inexpensive RTL sticks for just over $12 each almost 3 years ago. IEIK SDRICE RTL-SDR FM DAB DVB-T USB Stick Set with RTL2832U & R820T Great SDR for SDR# ADS-B Receiver Set Radio Compatible ICE Input...
  10. M105

    772 Mhz Moxon antenna project.

    I was introduced to the Moxon antenna at an amateur radio club recently. Since I had been looking around for an easy to build directional antenna to monitor the local 770 MHz P25 system I decided to run the numbers for 772Mhz and see how big the antenna would be. It turned out to be small...
  11. P

    RFI Identification on SDR

    I have attached 3 images of my RFI problem Image 1: Shows the RFI morphing into the alternating signal. This happens every 2.5 min and starts from a constant signal to a stronger signal for 5 sec then into the alternating signal for 5 sec. Image 2: shows spacing of RFI Image 3: What my...
  12. I

    Open Hardware devices for cheap SDR receivers

    Good day! For a while, I worked on creating completely open hardware solutions (such as Antenna Mini-Whip, HF Upconverter, and etc.) used to expand capabilities and work with low-cost SDR receivers (RTL2832U). At the moment, all devices publicly available on GitHub. You can get acquainted with...
  13. T

    DSR and DSD Plus - Just want to listen to one target

    I can't seem to find anything regarding a setting in DSD+ to only listen to one target (talk group). Is there such a thing or is this a different plugin that has to be used?
  14. E

    Sdr & dsd+ dmr

    Hello everyone, I would like to monitor my DMR Mototrbo system that has built-in privacy settings, I have managed to monitor but I can not enter my privacy code to listen to the network traffic. Is there any way to do it using the command line ?. Thank you very much. Greetings.
  15. J

    Searchable apps and support catalogue for SDRplay

    Over the last year or two, SDRplay and others have generated a lot of applications material in the form of documents, articles and videos – these are designed to make it easy to get up and running with RSP receivers from SDRplay. Attempts to use the YouTube playlist system to catalogue videos...
  16. N

    am I recording LTE uplink signals?

    I have this app, LTE Discovery, in my phone which tells me the LTE UL frequency and power so I went with my SDR and measured the received signal at that frequency and it matched. Now, how can I be sure this is the transmitted signal from my phone? As I made a call to and from this phone and...
  17. A

    SDR# and ACARSD

    Hi Guys Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried a search but didn't find what I was looking for. Just got started with SDR's and have the RTL-SDR dongle loaded with SDR#, this works fine and I ca hear transmissions fine. I then tried decoding ACARS with the Acarsd program and I can't see...
  18. J

    Signal Adaption using dual-tuner RSPduo

    Over on YouTube, ICAS enterprises have posted a video demonstrating “Signal Adaption” using an RSPduo. This is one of the new capabilities offered by a Dual-Tuner SDR and is a good example of the kind of feature SDRplay will be adding to their own SDRuno software in a future release. This...
  19. J

    SDRSharp Autostart

    I searched and have not seen this posted on here. It has been as issue for a while of not having such a plugin. I was using tinytask to start SDR# and now no longer! This plugin will autostart (play) SDR# after five seconds. I am using rev 1666 and the plugin is working...
  20. MedicDavid78

    UniTrunker website down??

    Is anyone else experiencing an issue on UniTrunker’s website at the Downlaods page? I went there to check if there was any new versions and the entire Downloads section is giving me a “404 - Error” message like the site is down. Thanks!