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  1. S

    Search down?

    When I try to search forums, whether by thread or post, I get a 500 error. This was on a subforum search in the Uniden Tech Support part of the Scanners forum, if that helps.
  2. N

    TRX-1: Does TRX-1 have good search capabilities

    From reading the (poorly written) manual it seems their are several types of searching available. The question is do they have a "search AND store" facility or does it just stop on getting a hit and you have to do a store manually? I read that the 436 Uniden does have a search-store feature...
  3. Bote

    BCD996P2: How to receive all NAC?

    On the 996P2 and the mobile 996 family of scanners how do I program a conventional frequency such that it hears ANY NAC that it receives? Is it 293 or F7E or just leave it blank? Thanks.
  4. W8HDU

    Searching the Database

    Is there a way to search the database on RadioReference database for users in the 30-33 and 47-50 MHz portion of low band in a specific state? I've looked at the search feature and don't see a way to drill down to a specific range of frequencies. Might be newbee issues.
  5. D

    How do I search for a talkgroup?

    I've had a PRO106 for over a year now, but haven't really done anything with it outside of scanning the pre-packaged info for my city. In the past few days I've bought a cheap windows laptop, a copy of WIN500 and jumped into the deep end of the pool. The campus where I work has security guards...
  6. E

    Searching whether a specific Chicago Police feed frequency is available online

    How can I find whether the feed for: 460.475 (Chicago Police - Dispatch Zone 1 - Districts 16 17) is available online currently (either through RadioReference.com or elsewhere)? I would love to be able to listen to my district. Thanks, Eliezer
  7. 1

    Regency R 1090 search function help

    I ran across this scanner and wanted to set it up and use it. I have little to no experience in setting up, programming, or the language used to describe the features on a scanner. Can anyone direct me to a free user manual to the r 1090? Or simply indicate the procedure for setting the range...