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  1. rvacs

    SDS100: Using same Sentinel for SDS200 and New SDS100

    So I have a profile I like for my SDS-200. (Favorites Lists etc.) Buying a new SDS-100. I assume I can use the same instance of Sentinel on my new SDS-100? I see in TOOLS -> TARGET MODEL you can change. So I like my Favorites etc on my SDS-200 that I want on my SDS-100...do I export and...
  2. G

    HPE files for VIC?

    Hi, Just procured a new SDS100 and am starting to wrap my head around Sentinel - it is obviously very US/Canada centric, but with the release of this and similar models in Australia, I was hoping to find an easy way to import frequencies into the SDS100...from what I can gather, Sentinel HPE...
  3. airsquad9

    Sentinel Favorites Updates

    I've been using Sentinel for programming most of my newer Uniden products since it first came out but I just realized something. When I update the Master Database it doesn't update my Favorites lists with the new info. How do I update my Favorites without creating a new one? Seems like that...
  4. S

    Manual entry of DMR systems in Sentinel

    Hello all. Fairly new to digital modes. I'm trying to manually enter DMR systems not listed in RR database into Sentinel and I'm a bit lost. This is the system I'm trying to add ( Baycom DMR Bay Area repeaters ). Could someone walk me through doing this or point to a tutorial? I'm trying to...
  5. 155604

    HomePatrol Sentinel update

    Hello all, I opened Sentinel today to update and re configure some of my lists when the program told me there was a newer version and I was required to download it. I clicked on the link provided and it sent me to HomePatrolSentinel < HomePatrol < TWiki which is the 2014 update. Does...
  6. GTR8000

    BCDx36HP Sentinel 2.01.00 (adds support for SDS200)

    New version of the BCDx36HP Sentinel that adds support for the new SDS200. https://www.uniden.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/BCDx36HP_Sentinel_Version_2_01_00.zip
  7. kd2pm

    Migrating from BC436 to SDS100, can it be done?

    I am sure someone has already done it or provided reference on how to do it...so excuse the redundancy. Waiting on the SDS100 to come in and already have a BC436 that has all the FL and other settings the way I like them Is it "that" easy to just write the 436 profile to the SDS100? Or am I...
  8. sadave

    BCD436HP: Appending new P25 sites to Favorites List with Sentinel

    There have been a number of sites recently added to the Alabama First Responder Network (a P25 system) and would like to add them to my Favorites List. In the past, this could be done by highlighting the site, right clicking the mouse, selecting Append to Favorites List, and then selecting the...
  9. K

    SDS100: Removing sites from Favorites List

    I just received my STS 100 yesterday. Love it BTW. I've set up a few Favorite Lists in Sentinel for my area. I live in NW Houston, TX (Harris County). My problem is that when I set up a FL with the Talk Group I want from the TxWARN system, Sentinel not only loads the talk group in my list but it...
  10. K4EET

    BCD536HP: Unit ID Data Entry within Sentinel

    I know that I can enter Unit IDs with ARC536PRO and/or ProScan software or directly using the front panel of the BCD536HP scanner. But for the life of me, I cannot see where to enter/edit the User IDs from within Sentinel. Is it not possible? :o Surely I must be blind and just cannot find where...
  11. WA6NHC

    BCDx36HP: Sentinel Database feature requests

    Here in the Inland North West, it's fire season (as other places). This means that a LOT of Fed firefighters are moving in/out of the area, using their home frequencies as they work the fires. They're mostly USFS, some NPS, some BLM, some are aircraft, some are contractors. Since one never...
  12. H

    Help reinstalling Sentinel software needed!

    I have a BCD536HP scanner. I was able to install the Sentinel software onto my laptop when I first purchased my scanner without any problems. I recently had to replace the hard drive on my laptop and in the process have tried reinstalling the Sentinel software onto the new hard drive. Here's...
  13. W

    Sentinel - Programming frequencies on RR list but not in database

    Hi. I am trying to program in Virginia federal frequencies, but the ones that show at https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Federal_(VA) do not show in the Sentinel database. The instructions say the software will ask for your RR credentials, but I don't see that. I can download a .CSV file...
  14. Y

    SDS100: Creating a FL using the database

    Using Sentinel and the database, I would like to create a FL. So far I have not figured out how. Am I trying to do the impossible? If it can be done, help please!
  15. captaincraig44

    Sentinel shuffling systems between FL's

    Using 2.00.05, I am programming my SDS-100 with Sentinel. After editing FL's and writing to the radio, some systems have some how swapped between FL's and erased the systems that were in that FL. I have not read from the radio between programming in Sentinel and made sure to save after editing...
  16. kf6olc

    SDS100: What am I doing wrong? I want to create favorite list for future travels

    I want to create a special list/profiles for future travels. This is what I've done so far. " 1.In upper left hand corner of Sentinel labeled "File" I clicked the"new" section. 2. The "Enter profile name" box pops up. I enter the name for the profile. 3. I notice that in the "Database" tree...
  17. J

    Sentinel Enhancement Requests

    I was thinking that it would be nice to have a thread (sticky please?) whereby we can submit enhancement requests for the Uniden Sentinel application. It's a great application that continues to improve but there is always room for improvement! Just going through the latest release (2.00.02) I...
  18. W

    Importing HP2 list?

    Has anyone successfully imported a favorites list yet from a Home Patrol 2 to their brand new SDS100? I have 5 or 6 very customized favorites list and hope to avoid a lot of typing again when I purchase the new toy.
  19. M

    BCD536HP: Sentinel install fails

    I am trying to install the latest Sentinel (1.07.05) on Windows 10. The installer says that .NET 2 is required, and gives me the option to install it. But that option takes me to the Microsoft general .NET install, and that tells me that .NET 4 is already installed on my system. What do I do now?
  20. kf6olc

    HP-1: Question: How do I transfer my recored audio files to the HP Sentinel?

    I would like to transfer all my audio recordings from my HP-1 to the HP Sentinel. I thought that when I synced this during my updates that this would do this automatically. It's not doing this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,KF6OLC