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serial number

  1. A

    BCD536HP: Latest serial numbers / HW revisions

    So I finally jumped and got a 536HP due to the NXDN update (Take note, Uniden!) after being a Whistler/GRE person for years and years. Serial number is 7800xxxx. I know that there have bene some problems with early on 3800xxxx units; and I've seen 4800xxxx and 5800xxxx units in the wild. Some...
  2. K

    BCD436HP: Just purchased BC436HP and questions

    Ok folks. I have read alot of reviews, both good and bad, on this scanner. I still decided to shell out the cash for one. Has the problems been addressed on these? What is the current serial number on the new production units if they have been corrected? I ordered mine from Amazon for $415 with...
  3. H

    Determining DoM of Uniden radios via serial number?

    Hello, I am new to these boards. I am a CB'er and have been in it for about 5 years now. I can remember my parents being big in CBing when I was young, as well. But anyway... Is there a way to find the DoM of a Uniden radio by deciphering the serial number? I have a Uniden PC-122 that I am...