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  1. E

    U.S. Marshals Service Callsigns

    What radio callsign does the Marshals Service have?
  2. A

    Radio Test Equipment Reviews

    I will make a recommendation to my boss on a new service monitor that handles both DMR and P25. Is there a site with reviews of telecommunication test equipment? There are some sites for amateurs but not directed at the industry. Right now the Freedom R8100 is looking good but I'd like some...
  3. A

    Las Vegas area USFS, BLM

    So I hope this is the right are to post. I'm looking to get the BLM and Forest Service frequencies as well as there repeater tones for the Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Parhump, Mtn Charlston, Jean, Red Rock. Areas like that. It would be greatly appreciated.
  4. D

    Which is the best incident paging service?

    I know all about the different services like USEMERAlerts, Alertpage inc, BNN, Incident paging network, etc. but I'm wondering which one is the best to go with. I like all them and cant decide, but i also realize that some of the services might have a little bit more to offer than the other...
  5. J

    BCT15X, Service Scan problem?

    So I was setting up my scanner, after viewing some tutorials online. I made two systems. The first was a trunked system , and the second was a conventional. On both, I did not set quick keys, etc. After programming it started scanning: The first system, then the second system, and then...
  6. K

    monarch bus service

    I went to dragon festival and was trying to monitor the buses. I found frequencies listed in the database 452.26250 452.36250 452.46250 452.73750 159.49500000 but no actvity on these. Anybody know if they have changed to a different group of frequencies?
  7. B

    Orbacom Service

    Good evening, I am attempting to locate a vendor in the Northern New Jersey area (preferably within 1 hour of NYC, if one exists) that still supports, and repairs Orbacom console systems. I currently have a TDM-150 series Orbacom system with two consoles in service, yet in need of repair. We...
  8. M

    U.S. Secret Service - Two New Buses In Its Fleet - PHOTOS

    U.S. Secret Service - Two new buses in its fleet Fed Files Blog - Upcoming POTUS Bus Tour - (with info on the bus). http://mt-fedfiles.blogspot.com/2011/08/upcoming-potus-bus-tour.html Cryptome.org - Obama Protection 44 - New Bus Large Photos...
  9. Oldglide

    Customer Service, part of the purchase decision?

    Hello to all, this is my first post on an RR forum but I am not new to any of this stuff. So here's my dilemma; should customer service from the company your thinking of purchasing a product from be a consideration as well as price, features etc. After having the phone stuck in my ear for over...