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  1. w2xq

    32nd Winter SWL Fest Feb 28-Mar 2, near Philadelphia

    "The Winter SWL Fest is a conference of radio hobbyists of all stripes, from DC to daylight. Every year scores of hobbyists descend on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs for a weekend of camaraderie. The Fest is sponsored by NASWA, the North American Shortwave Association, but it covers much...
  2. M

    Shortwave Antenna for ICOM IC-R8600

    I recently purchased an ICOM IC-R8600 radio. I would like to have information concerning which is the most suitable antenna for use in this radio to be able to receive and hear well the transmissions of shortwave stations from other countries. I have already the following antenna: ICOM AH-8000...
  3. J

    Modifying tecsun R-9012

    So, I'm thinking of getting this little shortwave. And putting it in a small antique cathedral style wooden housing. I would also like to increase it's strength. I'm not sure if this is the right forum area to ask about moving the variable capacitors and potentiometers of the circuit board and...
  4. kingpin

    Ham It Up Converter Assistance?

    Good morning gang, I got my Ham It UP! converter working yesterday... kinda and while I was EXTREMELY impressed with the reception performance, I was really let down on the frequency offset / calibration business. (And I thought my wife was complicated!) So here's how I did it. Using SDR#, I...
  5. SCPD

    6080 khz Buzzing

    Hi, The best way to describe this is by video. I recorded it on my android then uploaded to youtube. This buzzing has me curious. View it all the way then please pass the word. I cant find anything about it on Google, Yahoo, and Ask search engines. I didnt know how to categorize it because no...
  6. WX9RLT

    HF & Shortwave Frequencies

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had the most common and active frequencies the military uses in the shortwave bands? Thank you
  7. M

    Tecsun Pl-600 Antenna problem?

    Hi, well for awhile now I have been using a 45ft insulated copper wire antenna that clips to my telescopic antenna. I run it up one of those old cable antennas which is grounded and goes up about 60 feet. But tonight I took the 23ft spool antenna that came with my radio(plugs into jack on side)...
  8. R

    NORAD Santa tracking

    Is it possible to tune in on a scanner or on a HF radio and listen in? Official NORAD Santa Tracker North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) NORAD is ready to track Santa
  9. M

    What exactly does it mean to ground a Antenna?

    The title says it all. What exactly does grounding a antenna mean? And how do you ground a antenna? I'm a amateur when it comes to antennas so I'd appreciate if someone could explain all this to me. I'm a shortwave listener and am looking to move on to a bigger antenna so these are my questions...
  10. T

    Unknown signal on 19 meters

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but thought it was a good place to get some feedback on a strange shortwave signal I came across today on 15480kHz. Maybe 'over the horizon radar'? The bandwidth of this signal was pretty wide at 10kHz so it sounded about the same up on 15485kHz. I was tuning in via...
  11. M

    Would you choose an Icom R70 or Lowe HF150 for tough signals?

    I'm looking to add a classic receiver to my rack to help flush out weak signals. I can only spend about $300, and my top contenders at the moment are the Lowe HF150 and Icom R70. Does anyone have experience with hard to flush out signals and one of the receivers? I have a wellbrook loop and a...
  12. w2xq

    Why SWBC s/b retained - gatekeeping

    Here's a perfect example of how shortwave radio is the only medium that can cross borders without gatekeepers affecting the outcome. The VOA is among the missing... breaking news: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/media/television-and-radio/2014/04/09/Russia-takes-Voice-of-America-radio-off-air.html
  13. M

    New with the Grundig Satellit-750

    Hello there! I am new to this site and relatively new to shortwave. I used to listen on an old handheld my dad had, but recently upgraded to a Grundig Satellit-750. I've tried using it before but have had a hard time picking up frequencies on SW, LW, and SSB (FM and AM are no problem at all)...
  14. F

    Indoor Fan Dipole

    I am trying to build a multiband antenna for medium and shortwave listening. I will not be transmitting with this antenna. I found a website and tried to follow the design, except for indoors rather than outside. I live in an apartment. As I have limited space, I thought that I could bend the...
  15. Dispatrick

    Zbr 2582

    Has anybody in the U.S. picked up Bermuda's ZBR on 2582 KHz here in the U.S. and if so where and what times? im going to the island soon and was curious about this station and if they had any other shortwave stations. Also if you have any additional information (non shortwave) on the island...
  16. carddude99

    Shortwave radio user groups

    I own a Eton e1 but had to send it to drake for repair (Duh) and since it was under warranty, I did just that. We all know it is a great radio but this one sometimes did key lock and had screen display issues so I finally sent it in while it was still covered. So I bought alot of new radios...
  17. K

    Shortwave Antenna - Overwhelmed

    I've perused the radioreference.com forums and overwhelmed myself with web searching for a shortwave antenna to enhance the reception of my new Grundig G3. I like building things myself, so I first focused on plans and kits. I finally followed advice I had read in many forums about "throwing a...
  18. P

    Charlotte Area Radio Shops

    Hey guys & gals. I am looking for a store in the Charlotte region that carries classic and shortwave radios. I am shopping for a gift for my father, who is retired from radio. He collects radios and I am looking to get him maybe a Zenith D7000 or similar. Thanks in advance for your help!
  19. N

    Help a n00b find a good reciever <$150

    Hello. I'm wanting to get started in the fascinating world of HF monitoring and in particular would like to pick up some local HF transmissions such as the NZ Mountain Radio Service and HF Maritime radio and some international utility services such as Number Stations, Maritime stations...
  20. G

    radio for hunting numbers stations

    ive become interested in hunting down numbers stations that play over the shortwave frequencies. ive managed to capture a few, like the backwards music station, and a spanish lady speaking numbers through internet controlled radios. what id like to do is by a cheap receiver (anywhere from 20-50...