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  1. P

    OPD Signals/Codes

    Does anyone out there have a more current/more complete Signal and 10 codes for OPD in Owensboro, Ky I've got a list but I'm sure its out of date, and for sure missing several Signals and 10 Codes. Anyone got a better list? Hers what I have OWENSBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT SIGNALS 1-8 RAISE &...
  2. R

    Florence County Codes

    I have been listening to Florence County Public Safety daily, and I need some codes - MOSTLY signals because it seems they're using those a lot more now. Official 10-codes and EMS codes and lettering would be appreciated as well.
  3. W

    Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Signal System Production

    Anyone here from Toronto? Check out my production on the signs and signals used on the Toronto subway system: [HD] Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Train Signal System - YouTube. Even if you aren't from Toronto, it may still interesting to see what all those lights and signs mean. Our system is...
  4. N

    EPIRB/ELT Beacon Signals

    Here's another question related to marine radio signals. Has anyone here monitored 121.5 or 243MHz analog and picked up any EPIRB or ELT signals? Do they generate an audible tone of some kind while transmitting? I understand that since February 2009, analog 121.5 and 243MHz has been...
  5. MattBritt

    Charlotte County Signals & Codes

    Hello all, I'm newly transplanted in Port Charlotte and am having trouble finding their radio codes and signals... Got the system programmed and can hear all, just not used to these codes and signals. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have googled my heart out and can't find anything.
  6. J


    Does anyone know if there is any way to just hear the calls for one particular Fort Worth Fire Station? I know they use automated dispatching and all that stuff, but I just thought there might be some way to maybe decode the signals or something to just monitor one station. Thanks, Jared2295...
  7. dave911

    Signal/Codes for Homewood PD

    Does anyone have a signal/code sheet for Homewood PD that they can share with me? Thanks!