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  1. C

    Copper Mountain Resort 2018

    I just arrived at Copper this afternoon for a few days skiing and it seems that TGIDs may have changed since last year. Last year the database entries seemed correct, but in a very short time monitoring I haven't heard anything on those TGIDs, however thus far I have heard TGIDs 101 (Ski...
  2. KM4OKT

    Aspen Skiing Company Trunked Radio System

    I am curious as to what kind of Trunked Radio System Aspen Skiing Company is running. Just from the info I have gathered from the FCC license, it is an analog LTR/Type II? UHF system. I hope someone has some more insight on it. Thanks in advance! 73
  3. M

    MAG-One BPR40 in snow?

    Has anyone used the Moto BPR40 in snow? is it waterproof and reliable? Which has a shorter antenna the UHF or the VHF version? Which would have the longer range in the the mountian? Thanks, Moshe
  4. M

    Good CB Radio for Snowboarding?

    Hi I am a newbie :) I want to get a reliable CB for ski season. I was eying the Moto Mag-One BPR40, as it looks small, rigid and cost effective. What do you guys think? What bands should I be using? Thanks, Moshe
  5. D

    Shawnee Mountain

    Does anyone have the frequency for Shawnee Mountain Ski area?