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  1. KD4IIW

    Upcoming Skywarn Classes in Virginia

    Here is a link to a listing of upcoming classes in Virginia. SKYWARN®
  2. frazmandemo

    mississippi skywarn

    does anyone know if there are any sky warn frequencies in Mississippi? particularity east Mississippi.
  3. D

    SKYWARN frequencies for North Carolina

    I've been looking around for frequencies that SKYWARN spotters use in Western North Carolina, specifically in the Charlotte area. I used to hear lots of traffic on 145.350 or around there, but lately I haven't heard anything. I've tried different repeaters in the area to see if they were used...
  4. DoctorZ

    My Storm Chasing/Skywarn Spotting Vehicle

    I uploaded this earlier, but I forgot something when I made the video so I had to delete it and upload it again with my edits. It's a bit more informative this time. So here is my new video on what I believe is a good Storm Chasing/Skywarn Spotting vehicle: My Storm Chase/SkyWarn Severe...
  5. K8CPA

    Wayne County Michigan Skywarn AWOL as always

    Enjoy the video: Detroit, Michigan Wayne county skywarn is AWOL! - YouTube
  6. conrad314

    Jackson County Skywarn moving

    Effective Friday, April 15, the SkyWarn net is moving. We are moving all SkyWarn Operations to the 146.70 - repeater. For now, this repeater has a 107.2 tone on it, but we are working on making it able to shut off tones during storm sessions. There are several advantages to this repeater for...
  7. C

    W8OAK- Oakland County Skywarn

    Hi everyone, new here. I have a quick question. My family and I are currently in the process of moving, and thus have packed away all of my scanners already, thinking that there wouldn't be any significant weather to worry about. Now look at tomorrow. Now to my question, I have looked everywhere...
  8. L

    Live feed not always active

    Hello, I just signed up to stream Central Carolina Skywarn (amateur radio). Skywarn is only active when there is bad weather in the area. When there is fair weather in the area, its just a normal amateur radio repeater. My plan was to only stream skywarn activity, but I see that if your...
  9. conrad314

    Kansas City Skywarn Internet feeds ????

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of any online feeds for Skywarn in the Kansas CIty area? I find it hard to believe out of all of the metro skywarn fregs. no one is streaming them. About half the time I would enjoy listening, i'm stuck at work and can't bring my scanner in.
  10. 2

    SkyWarn Ham Repeaters DB TN District 7?

    Is this list up to date? (I went to http://www.wx4tn.org/ but it didn't give me any freq/repeater lists) Severe Weather Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference District 7 - Upper East Tennessee District 7 serves NWSFO Morristown for Carter, Greene, Hawkins, Johnson, Unicoi, and...
  11. 2

    SkyWarn Ham Repeaters DB TN District 7?

    I hope I'm in the right forum for this. If not kindly point me to the correct forum. Is this list up to date? (I went to http://www.wx4tn.org/ but it didn't give me any freq/repeater lists) Severe Weather Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference District 7 - Upper East Tennessee...
  12. squirrel911

    Newbie Wanting To Learn

    I am just getting into all this stuff and would like to get my HAM Radio License. How do I go about doing that? I live in Tullahoma Tennessee. I also would like to do SKYWARN if anyone could help out with that to? And one more thing, where can I get a HAM radio? Thank YOu all for the help.
  13. skywarnn

    2010 Skywarn Freqs

    A Wisconsin statewide database of mostly ham radio channels hosting Skywarn/weather nets has been managed and maintained by the Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association for a number of years. In preparing for the 2010 severe weather season we need your help to update and verify its accuracy. View...
  14. w2edv

    choosing a reasonably-priced mobile scanner

    Hi Everyone - if this is a duplicate, I apologize. I wrote and posted, but cannot find my original. At home I use a 996T which I bought, programmed and use. It works well, though I am not a scanner hobby expert. I want to use a scanner in my car, but not the 996T. I was hoping to get some...
  15. F


    Does anyone know what Skywarn is i have the button on my scanner i seems like NOAA and the NWS
  16. kd7rto

    Storm Chasers, do they serve any legitimate purpose?

    Over at hamsexy, it's obvious how they feel. But is there another side to this? Is HS just putting up youtube links to the worst of the worst, while ignoring vehicle installs which might actually be useful for something, or are storm chasers bad news in general, driving rolling road hazards...
  17. bReed11091

    Michigan Skywarn Repeater Information

    I've looked for callsigns for these repeaters in several different places, but I cannot seem to find it. I'm using a 2006-2007 repeater book, and I know at least a few of these would be in a newer one. If anybody can give me the callsign and any other information regarding their ARES, RACES...
  18. stevelton

    SKYWARN Appreiciation Day

    Tomorrow (Saturday) this is going to take place. Most NWS offices have amateur radio stations within the "pit", so forecasters can know what is coming in directly form the ham spotters on the ground. These radio stations will be opened up for those interested to come and operate from their...
  19. bReed11091

    Michigan ARES/RACES/SKYWARN Frequency Information

    I'm working on a project to gather ARES/RACES/SKYWARN information for the State of Michigan and plot it on a map for easy location reference. The map will be modeled after this one at http://skywarn.w9ly.org/Skymap.gif. The point of this project is to provide emergency coordinators and...
  20. BarcodeNut

    York County/Rock Hill, SC

    SKYWARN class sponsored by the York County Amateur Radio Society (YCARS) in July, 2008 Skywarn Class this coming July 10, 2008 at the YCARS clubhouse. Anyone is invited to attend in the York, Chester, and Lancaster Counties. Class will be held at 7:30 pm at 2129 Squire Rd, Rock Hill, SC...