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  1. K

    P7200 800 mHz Conventional

    I have a non-profit disaster response NGO. The state donated a P7200 handheld for disaster use. Florida has a conventional 800mhz disaster bank. The radio is programmed with the Statewide Law Enforcement Response Service (SLERS) EDACS. I need somebody that can delete the SLERS EDACS and leave...
  2. MedicDavid78

    Harris planning protest over Florida’s award of SLERS P25 system to Motorola

    Interesting article I saw this morning. The other day it was announced Motorola was getting the contract for the Florida State-wide SLERS system, and Harris is planning to fight it! Harris declares plan to protest Florida intent to award large P25 contract to Motorola Solutions | P25 content...
  3. P

    SLERS Clay County

    1 = control channel. All Pro-voice and does not work with PRO-106 as expected. Monitoring as conventional in SDRSharp with DSD does work. Not all transmissions are encrypted. Control Channel is Site 171. 1 851.9375 WPVU961 2 852.4375 WPVU961 852.4750 WPVU961 852.4875 WPVU961 3 852.9375...
  4. jharr465

    Report on Future of SLERS

    I was surprised to find that SLERS is planned to be converted to a P25 system starting in the next five years. Read the report to the Florida Senate here...
  5. K

    Okaloosa County Changes

    EMS tone outs now occur on the VHF side, and have completely left left the UHF side. It also sounds like, as of Wednesday, fire north has switched over to narrow band on their 154.725 frequency. In the meantime, I heard Crestview FD attempting to make contact on the 800 radios to their...