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  1. P

    EF Johnson Advice

    Hello: Excuse the length of this message. Trying to get some advice. I volunteer (I am the tech guy) at a charter school for exceptional children. After a recent minor safety issue came up between a student and a staff member at the school, we have been searching for a better communications...
  2. L

    New iPhone Scanning App

    I just released an iPhone App that lets you listen to all the radio traffic on the DC Fire & EMS radio network. My system archives everything, so you can quickly search for and replay older calls. It is available for free on the App Store...
  3. X

    XTS3000 Smartnet

    Evening folks! I have an XTS3000 that is currently connected to a SmartZone network. It works perfectly! The only problem I am experiencing is, when I attempt to connect to a SmartNET system, it gives me "Out of Range". I'm not exactly sure why this is occurring, I've spent hours attempting to...
  4. E

    Programming XPR 6380 in Smartnet mode

    I've been asking a few questions here over the past few months as I've been trying to understand and evaluate trunked mobile systems. One neat thing is that I've been able to play with a few Aeroflex test sets and motorola handsets with CPS software. Generally I have to get the settings to match...
  5. motopro2


    I am wondering if anyone out there has been successful in crossbanding a couple of talk groups from Smartnet to Mototrbo Connectplus or visa versa? Your info/any information would be very very helpful!! I am currently using 2 XPR4580 radios one in Smartnet mode and one in Connectplus mode...
  6. E

    Frequency allocation of Smartnet

    I'm brand new to this world of trunked mobile so please bear with me. I've been trying to read all I can on Smartnet and trunked radio in general. Smartnet is particularly frustrating as it seems to be reverse engineered but I can't find a single good reference on some of the design, it's...
  7. C

    Help with Motorola Trunked Smartnet II system

    I am looking for some advice.... We currently use a Motorola Smartnet II trunked 800MHz system. Our local Motorola Techs claim the site controller will no longer be produced by Motorola and we will need to replace the system with something different. I have sought the advice of many people...
  8. V

    xts smartnet-II programming question

    I seaerched the forum, but did not find an answer for this. I'm a user on the North Carolina statewide 800 smartnet-II system. We have xts and xtl radios. My question is this. Once the radios are programmed and on the system, if our local department purchases CPS and the cables, can we change...