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south dakota

  1. R

    Problems scanning south dakota state radio?

    Good afternoon, I am a new resident to South Dakota and have my scanner programmed up to the South Dakota state radio system. The problem, though, is that I have noticed that I rarely hear my county or highway patrol on it. I've been told that the repeater systems are spotty and best and have a...
  2. K

    Cannot find the 5th channel for Madison (Site 28)

    Hello Everyone! I have been working on getting some Software Defined Radios set up to monitor the Madison repeater for the state system. I have it working, but it seems that I am missing a channel. Four of the five channels are active, but one of the most active channels does not seem to appear...
  3. T

    New to Scanners and have BCD436HP

    Hello everyone, I am new to scanners and just picked up the Uniden BCD436HP because of the reviews and ease of set up supposedly. Well I entered my zip code of 57030 and I don't feel I am getting everything I should for communication traffic. I have gone through the Sentinel software and set...
  4. M

    Sioux Falls Fire and EMS

    I listen to this feed a lot and it is quite a bit quieter than any other feed. Anyone know why this is? Anything that can be done? I have my speakers up all the way and I have to strain to hear.
  5. S

    South Dakota - No Feed?

    The Hamlin, Codington and Duel Counties Public Safety and SkyWarn channels are offline.. been so for two days now. Can someone pls. email or msg the provider to see if it can come back up? Thanks from a newbie.
  6. K

    Vermillion Area

    I recently got a pro 197 for Christmas, and I can't get anything around the Vermillion area. But when I was at my parents in Sioux City, it was non stop traffic on the Iowa side. I have the radio shack cable and software for it, and I was using the RR data base and downloading through that. I...