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  1. M

    Folded dipole array question

    Hi guys, I just got a UHF-DP-ARRAY-4/h antenna (Products) and plan on using it on a UHF DMR repeater. It will be side mounted on a large tower and I want to obtain the widest radius of radiation. While the "Spacing from mast" is easy to calculate (1/2WL, 1/4WL and 3/8WL @ freq.), I am not sure...
  2. SlipNutz15

    HT1250 CPS programming error

    I had a friend ask me to program his HT1250-LS the other day. I have programmed many of these radios in the past so I knew what I was doing. I filled out 16 channels to mirror the local FD's radios and verified no errors in the error log before saving the codeplug and programming. When I...
  3. A

    nexedge channel spacing

    Hello forum members. I have a question, will the nx 740 which is 6.25 khz only receive nexedge digital signals that are 12.5 khz. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. N2SCV

    Pro-160 (not 106)

    Is there a fix for UHF trunk systems to accept 6.25 spacing? My 163/164 receive the NYC DoITT 400 mhz system fine because I can set the spacing to 6.25, however the 160 only goes down to 12.5 and ARC160 does 12.5, 10 and 5 but not 6.25. The manual shows this: "400-512 6.25 kHz " but does not...
  5. TomServo

    Interference between two agencies - how to get it resolved

    OK, I'm just a listener, but I am really tired of the interference problems my local PD (Grenada city) is suffering. It seems that the Yalobusha County Sheriff's department's repeater output is on the city of Grenada's repeater input. This causes problems on a fairly regular basis because the...
  6. E

    MT2000 RSS 06.07.00 Problem...HELP!

    I was programming my friends MT2000 last night/early this morning and got all 48 channels entered and clicked to program the data to the radio but I received an error message that stated the target radio is not capable of 2.5kHz spacing, please upgrade the firmware. The only problem is that none...