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speaker mic

  1. T

    Motorola HT1250 Speaker Mic Not Working

    This is the older HT1250 without the full keypad. With some speaker mics I can hear but not transmit, and others i can't do either. Does anyone know why it wouldnt work with speaker mics?
  2. K

    Commander mic issues

    So I bought a commander I mic (RMN5038A) today and I hooked it up to my XTS5000 only to find that the volume buttons do not work. Is this something with the mic or is it common? Could it be something in the programming that I missed? And the mandown button doesn't function as it should either...
  3. K

    XPR speaker mic on an APX?

    I am wondering if the XPR speaker mics will work on APX radio's more specifically the PMMN4040. I know it works on the XPR series and I am pretty sure they can work on the APX because they have the same connector and pin layout but I cannot confirm because I don't have either of those. My friend...
  4. K

    Speaker mic help PMMN4050A

    So today I wanted to test out my Motorola PMMN4050A speaker mic. On Motorola's website it says that this is a noise canceling Impres mic. I went to my local tree lighting and some fire engines were passing sirens wailing. I keyed on an analog repeater and asked for an audio report. The other...
  5. Radiocar

    Can Anyone Identify a Moto connector? Or perhaps suggest one?

    So before posting I've done my prerequisite and courteous 4 or 5 hours research before coming before the well versed and knowledgeable forum that is Rad-Ref. Sadly I couldn't find any information on the dilemma that I came across earlier today. So while running the streets of northeast Los...
  6. T

    BPR40 Speaker Mic Question

    I am a regular volunteer at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and we use BPR40 UHF radios. I was thinking about getting me my own speaker mic to make radio use more convenient. I came across a website(I can no longer find) that listed various models of mics that would work with that radio. I...
  7. L

    TK 2170 shoulder speaker mic

    Is there a setting / switch / check box in the programming software that must be set / modified in order for the external shoulder speaker mic to function with the TK 2170? Larry