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  1. K9ROD

    DualBand Astro Spectras

    I know about the SIU way, but I have come across a "Y" cable that is for two Astro Spectra's. In the software under the "Advanced II" tab you check the box for a dual band unit and designate one radio as primary and the other as secondary. This is usually also referred to as the green radio and...
  2. B

    Astro Spectra Plus W4 Reprogramming

    My fire department has an old Astro Spectra Plus W4 built into its main vehicle. The radio still has frequencies programmed into it from the department we bought it from and we wanted to program it to function on the Provincial Fire frequency. I was wondering what it would take to reprogram it...
  3. A

    Trying to locate an ASTRO Spectra UHF Srecord

    Good morning everyone. I am searching for an Srecord to convert an ASTRO Spectra from a D04RKF9PW5AN to a W3. I have a few 800 mid power W3's I can pull the interconnect/faceplates from and the W3 HHCH's. (I've swapped the dim green display LED's out with red ones and it makes them much easier...
  4. M

    Programming D04 Dilemma

    I have a Dash Mount Astro Spectra Analog Mid Power Programmed by someone else Service Mode says; R110103 A070309 CNTLHD31 D04JKF9PW5AN 494AAw0613 1MEG FLSHCD 000004-000004 I am using aftermarket cable and RIB. The cable is put together properly. This radio works in the car and can transmit...
  5. M


    I am new to tinkering around with radios. I am currently working on getting my Technician ham license. I have a huge technologic background and Ive heard motorolas can require a lot more attention then others. Anyways, I received a Motorola Spectra Radio from a friends radio club that had a...
  6. A

    Spectra Remote Cable

    Hello everyone. Im trying to remote mount my older Spectra radio and im having trouble finding the right cable. Its an older radio (model no. DA4KM+067W) but from what ive been able to find it is remote-able. Ive tried to find cables but the only ones i can find have the DB15 connector...
  7. SCPD

    ASTRO spectra mid max power

    What is the lowest and highest point the mid power VHF AastroSpec can handle before it folds? I recall reading somewhere that the midpower could do up to 75watts before degrading, how accurate is this? As far as low goes is 1w ok ?
  8. D

    Motorola Spectra S-meter for RDFing...

    This is my first post on the forum & I just want to share how impressed I am with the conduct of everyone & the help which is provided. Everyone's input is greatly appreciated. I did a search & I don't see that anyone else has posted these questions. I'm getting into radio direction finding...
  9. T

    Motorola Astro Spectra (High Power) and Vehicle Repeater

    Hello, My agency has been experiencing terrible radio service in our county. We have one repeater site that covers 486 square miles of hilly terrain. Our cruisers are equipped with 50 watt Vertex radios that are underpowered. In response to this, I recently purchased some refurbished...
  10. KK4LQX

    MS-DOS 6.2 on Netbook with no Serial Port

    Hello All, I have a netbook that I finally got to accept MS-DOS 6.20 and have installed the Spectra RSS 06.00.05 onto and have run into the issue of the fact that I do not have a serial port on the netbook. I do have a USB to Serial adapter but that does not seem to be doing the trick on the...
  11. K

    Spectra Transmit Issue

    Hello all, I just bought a Spectra 9000 with the A9 Remote Head and had programmed at a Motorola shop for HAM use on 2m. I also had some Pub Safety channels programmed in receive only. The trouble is that the radio acts like all of the channels are in receive only mode and even the HAM...
  12. J

    Help Needed With a Spectra

    Goodmorning All, I recently purchased a Motorola Spectra 110w vhf high band radio. The unit is designed to be a trunk mount I believe. I was hoping to get any information I could as well as what programming cable was needed, as i know they are different depending on the model or head? of the...
  13. A

    Spectra and ASTRO Spectra Control Head Cables The Same?

    Im looking for an answer to a question I was asked just the other day, wondering if the control head cables for the "Spectra" are the same cable as the "ASTRO Spectra"? I just thought this would be the place to ask so fire away!! Thanks!
  14. A

    Mobile Motorola Spectra - Aust UHF CB frequencies

    Long time reader and now a first time poster. Here to draw some knowledge. Basically, in Australia Motorola Radios are difficult to obtain in the right frequencies in addition to anyone who can re code one. Now I'm looking at the mobile radios available to me on eBay. I found a Motorola...
  15. alex4659

    Astro Specgtra PLUS: What cable to use?

    Hi all, Spectra Plus and im wondering what programming cable will work? I found a cable model number HKN6121A but im unsure if it will work? Thanks, Alex
  16. Railham_CJ

    What do you use to Monitor the Railroad ?

    What are yall useing to monitor the Railroad's ? I use a Icom 2820H (Ch.07 to 97 programed ) and for the base a Radioshack Pro-137 and I'm looking at just for Railroad Monitoring to hear the railroads for a while (even past the digital switch) a Icom F5061 VHF 136-174 MHz radio . 73's yall CJ
  17. S

    Spectra VHF, UHF 110W NEED HELP!

    Greetings all, this is my first post. Lots of good information here! I will be as short as poss... I came accross a deal for a T83FWA7HA9AK VHF 110W with Systems 9000 HCN1073A head and also and extra T84FWA7HA9AK UHF 110W with no head. When I power the VHF up, it goes through systems check...
  18. w2edv

    multi-band mobile antenna recommendations

    Hi Everyone, I just bought a 396XT and plan to use it in my car. I want to purchase a good multi-band antenna, and I'll mount it on the passenger-side of the rear hatch on my Subaru Forester. The driver-side of the hatch is the home of my vhf/uhf transceiver stick. I'll mount the scanner antenna...
  19. linkinpark9812

    Spectra 16 channel scan limit HACKED!!!

    Just posted this on batboard a couple of minutes ago, but it has to be approved first..... Comments and Questions are welcome! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have programmed it without a problem. Here is the deal with front programming. If you have zone slaved for both priority and non...
  20. linkinpark9812

    Over 16 scanning Spectra Codeplug!

    Well, it looks like we are on the verge of this happening EASILY. This happened to someone else on batlabs. It has now happened to me and I saved the codeplug. I already posted this on batlabs, so here is what I said so far: and this is the next post, but as of the posting of this topic, it...