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spectrum analyzer

  1. G

    QUESTION: What type of signal generator for SWR testing

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on the topic for me. I've been getting into making my own antennas for RC FPV video and have taken interest in the testing of my homemade antennas. The frequency of interest for me is within the 5.8ghz range. I own a Tektronix 494p spectrum analyzer ranging...
  2. K

    Ettus B200

    I'm looking to buy the Ettus USRP B200 to use a spectrum analyzer. Just wanted some input from others if they've used this board for this. I need to do a 500 mhz span scan to draw out the spectrum. How long do you think this will take to scan? I asked Ettus and they said it would be...
  3. K

    Ku-band antenna for a handheld spectrum analyzer

    I purchased one of Agilent's handheld spec - A's for field use, but they wanted to charge a ton for antennas. In my overconfidence, I decided I would find antennas from a third party. 3 weeks later, I still have not found what I am looking for. My biggest issue is my Ku-band requirement. Does...
  4. J

    Spectrum analyzer picks up radar 5hz-20,000hz?!

    Hi, So recently I began running a spectrum analyzer in order to find out why all of my electronics keep shorting out. I keep picking up radar(?!) signals in the 5hz-20,000hz range. Here is a link to the oscilloscope readings: Http://radiolistener1892.tumblr.com Here is a link to the demodulated...
  5. chasiniowa

    PRO-106 Spectrum Analyzer

    I'm looking for software to emulate a spectrum analyzer on my PRO-106. It can be helpful when search-scanning analog systems. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions? Thanks..............Chuck