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spectrum sweeper

  1. R

    TRX-1 search and sweeper

    Anyone else notice that Spectrum Sweeper doesn't pick up and play anything? Walked through a busy mall doing a 450-470 Mhz sweep amidst known RF activity detected by a BC-125AT handheld and picked up nothing. Also, does "limit search" pick up analog FM UHF freqs? It should. I'm noticing a...
  2. zwc

    TRX-1: Spectrum Sweeper / Searches via Software

    Hi all. My TRX-1 should be arriving this week and I'm already configuring the software so I can have it programmed and up and running as soon as it arrives. I have a question. I don't see in the software where I can program "Searches" and "Spectrum Sweeper" as objects and set them to record...
  3. NB0B

    Spectrum Sweeper - How it works

    Has anyone ever posted how Spectrum Sweeper actually works? I've picked up bits and pieces along the way through several threads. What I'm looking for is an authoritative, concise, semi-technical, "no kidding" description of how Spectrum Sweeper actually does what it does. If you're not sure...