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  1. O

    Copying Morse Code transmission

    I working at getting my speed at 20 WPM but I have a problem in writing that fast so I lag behind and with the first 5 Radom letter sets of 5 I loose it. Does anyone have any hints on how to keep writing up with the transmission?
  2. N

    Rutherford / Davidson County I-24 West High Speed Chase on 8/25 - 8/26

    I saw about ten Rutherford County Sheriff's Deputies chasing a vehicle down I-24 West in Rutherford County tonight around 12:15 a.m. or so. I immediately pulled up my scanner app on my phone. Speeds reached 100 MPH. Metro had spikes set up at Harding Rd., but the car exited at Bell Rd before...
  3. davef3138

    LTR scan speed on 396XT

    I've noticed on my 396XT that when scanning Motorola systems, if there's no control channel signal present the radio will fly past the site/systems quite quickly. With LTR systems however, it will "dwell" on each system for about a second whether there's a signal present or not. (yes, the...