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  1. mgolden2

    Springdale PD

    I was told by an employee of Springdale PD that they are getting a new radio system in the beginning of 2016 but they didnt know the details. I assume it will be P25 digital trunking, but does anyone else know any other details? Freqs, control channels, TG ID's, VHF/UHF/800 MHz, etc? And most...
  2. blackmonte

    Is Washington & Benton County all encrypted?

    Any info on Washington & Benton County systems? I pick up a little traffic from Benton County sheriff but nothing from Washington County. Are the county and city police fully encrypted? I'm using the frequencies listed here on RR. Any info/help appreciated.
  3. badlans

    AWIN Oddness

    I've noticed something odd in the AWIN listing. The RR listing for the SPRINGDALE site shows that the site is in Washington County. However, if you look at the map, the site is actually in Madison County. I have no idea why they named the site SPRINGDALE in the first place -- it's nowhere...