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  1. TheFlyingPilot

    Transmitter Proximity

    I'm operating my BCD325P2 in a pretty low reception area, and I notice one of my P25 sites is showing 5/5 bars. I hold the frequency (853.800MHz) and drop the squelch. I hear through the static "You're... CBS Sports Radio...", and I suddenly realize that I'm listening to voice from an FM...
  2. A

    Yaesu: Yaesu 400, confused about using tones

    Yaesu FTM-400XDR. I know some repeaters need a tone in order to listen to you. Also, you can set a tone so you only hear signals with that tone. But while reading the Yaesu manual, I'm confused about how to set these. Here are the menu items I assume one should use: for DISP/SETUP hold...
  3. B

    TRX-2: New buy problems?

    I bought a TRX-2 last week in the UK, I’m having trouble with the sound on the AM reception it works only when the aircraft is virtually overhead. The sound quality is very poor for anything further away. The squelch on the scan cycle has to be on the MAX or it just picks up static. I have a...
  4. UnHumanReactions

    BC125AT CTCSS Squelch Tail Elimination

    I have a BC125AT and I have noticed when I program repeaters with the Rx CTCSS, it will mute the squelch tail, but not all the time. Sometimes it go multiple transmissions and it won't catch the reverse burst and will leave the squelch tail audible. And it does this with all repeaters using...
  5. M

    Yaesu: FT-857D vfo scan in 2m FM does not stop

    Hi, Trying to figure out a frustrating problem with my FT-857D. I am trying to do VFO scanning in 2m (144-148MHz) band. SQL/RF dial is set to SQL, the mode is FM, and TON (button A) in MFe is set to blank (ie, no tone encoding). However, when I scan, the scan does not stop even if it picks up a...
  6. D

    How to mute EMS tones?

    I often monitor the Santa Clara County EMS frequency, and every time a call comes in, the dispatcher tones out the appropriate units. These tones are much louder than the actual voice communications, and they are also very annoying. Is there any way to program the Baofeng UV-82HP squelch to...
  7. K

    SDR stream to IceCast server

    Based on this tutorial Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Broadcastify - The RadioReference Wiki I am trying to stream to https://www.internet-radio.com/servers/icecast/ Everything is ok until I am trying to use squelch. When squelch trigger is on my stream on client side is interrupted. I think this is a...
  8. W

    Home Patrol 2 Squelch

    Maybe I'm imagining things, but it seems like since I "closed" the squelch a little more on my HP2, reception on a simulcast P25 phase 2 system has improved. Audio decode seems cleaner, fuller, more natural sounding, less distorted. Does than mean that the squelch control affects digital...
  9. robo21

    Pro-651: And Pro-106 and Squelch Code Question

    First a little history. I live in Los Angeles. I have both radios, Pro-651 and Pro-106. I sold my GRE PSR-500 for enough moolah to buy a new 651 and a used 106. I felt like that was a good move. Even the 106 feels like it is an equal to the GRE radio. I do realize that the 651, 106 and 500...
  10. J

    Yaesu: vhf noise

    So I recently installed a new yaesu 2900 and larsen nmo150 antenna in my truck to monitor two meters and some utility frequencies. It seems to work good except on certain frequencies it picks up a lot of noise and on others it doesn't. This radio has a squelch knob which helps eliminate the...
  11. R

    ICOM 621-2-TR: Squelch Level and CTCSS

    I have an ICOM 621-2-TR running conventional UHF in the business band. It transmits fine, but on receive it seems very insensitive. Even with the monitor button on, it only picks up very strong signals. I have tested the antenna (1/4gp) with and adapter to a HT and the antenna is fine. My...
  12. SCPD

    Minitor 4 Problems

    I am wanting to verify some info before try this repair. Actually, I have 2 minitor 4's, with issues, but what I'm gonna describe is only happening on one pager. The main problem I have is continuous squelch, when monitoring radio transmissions, and when I squeeze the pager, frt & back together...
  13. LiquidPandora

    New Hearing Aid Campaign for the BCD536

    I have noticed that the 536 Has Big Issues at hearing everything... I don't do Trunking so get that out of the way.. Volume:14 Squelch 2 I have a Grand total of maybe 12 Channels that I listen to day and night... small hillbilly town... Anyway... I have the Alert lights on just for...
  14. KJ4TDM

    BCD99XT Squelch Skicking

    Anyone have a problem there BCD99XT squelch getting stuck? It don't do it for all the systems. It does it on the digital and analog systems. I can hit the Scan/Search button and when it scans by the previous stuck system, it wont stop with an open squelch (unless there's traffic on that system)...
  15. R

    bc860xlt antenna/squelch issue

    i happen to have an older bc860xlt and i have an issue with the antenna/squelch. the issue is that any antenna i hook up to the unit make the squelch not useable at times for the 800mhz and 900mhz frequencies. the automatic setting does nothing at times. i have tried different antennas and wire...
  16. nc59ham

    SQUELCH problem?

    I have two Pro-197 scanners set up identically with all updates and frequencies. One of the radios is now stopping on two conventional frequencies when no transmission is being made and the squelch is open as if turned all the way counter clockwise although it is not. Turning the squelch...
  17. T

    HT1000 Weird Squelch Noise?

    On a single channel on my older UHF (450-520) HT1000 there's an intermittent noise, similar to the sound of the squelch opening. The noise occurs about once every two seconds, and lasts for about one second. Upon comparing the noise to the actual squelch opening, it sounds softer. The sound does...
  18. wb1f

    Background noise - no squelch between transmissions

    I have a new feed - Melrose Police & Fire. I am noticing there is constant digital-infused background noise at all times between transmissions on my port, as if my squelch is open. I do not hear it on other channels. It is not coming from the scanner, and the computer is outputing clean audio at...
  19. M

    Pro-2096 Squelch Stopped Working

    The squelch stopped working on the conventional, non-trunking frequencies on my Pro-2096. The squelch opens and closes randomly when there's no signal, or will open on a signal but not close when the signal ceases. The squelch knob has no effect either way I'm pretty sure I'll be sending it...
  20. M

    Why does the squelch keep opening and closing?

    Why is it that, on some conventional channels, I sometimes encounter a situation where the squelch will keep opening and closing, like someone keying the mic button on and off repeatedly? It's very frustrating! I searched the forums, but couldn't find this question.