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  1. K

    BearCat BC148XLT

    Just bought a Bearcat used , model BC148XLT. A few questions. 1. What the heck is that antenna connector? Where can I find a suitable antenna? 2. I bought used, mainly to monitor 2 meters. I tuned up a repeater, and TXed. I heard nothing through the scanner. Same done on simplex with same...
  2. D

    XTS5000 and XTS1500 intereference and squelch issues

    Ok guys. I am stumped. I have been through my codeplugs a few dozen times and I can't see anything wrong with them. Here is the problem, We use XTS5000s for Americans and XTS1500s for our TCNs. Both radio sets have issues regarding the unmuting of transmission. Randomly, but often the radios...
  3. D

    BCD396XT "sticks" on open channel

    I usually get these things figured out myself but, this one has me stumped so, tia. I have a Uniden BCD396XT that I've had for the last year or so. It's been fine and I've made no recent changes to programming or settings. For about the last two weeks I have been having a problem with one...
  4. fwfdengine2

    Squelch Tail Question

    How can I get rid of squelch tails when monitoring? I have DPL tones in and this helped on two channels.. But all other channels still have it.. I can put my scanner (BC346XT) right next to a Fire Dept. radio.. The radio will not have a tail, but the scanner will.. How can I change the scanner...
  5. A

    Help! MT1000 Squelch Stuck.

    I have a Moto MT1000 Vhf Low band 99ch Model H41GCJ7130AN. All was well after programming, then the squelch stuck open. It will still TX and RX fine but the static remains between. I had the squelch settings readjusted, but to no avail. I can find almost no information on this radio. Any ideas?
  6. A

    vertex radio problems

    I have the vertex vx-800 uhf firmware 1.25. I seem to have a huge problem in the squelching. When im near a computer, wireless router or cell phone my squelch opens. even if i pl set it attacks for about 15 msecs. I even set the Squelch to 7 and it still occurs. The worst part is when I have a...
  7. J

    CDM1250 Squelch

    Where/What is the setting to adjust the squelch in the CPS software for the CDM1250? We got a new radio with the same freqs we have been using for years and now it's picking up (barely braking squelch) transimitions from ??? where. I'm somewhat familiar with the CPS software as I have adjusted...