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  1. K

    Standard C790L Information

    I was given a Standard C790L radio. I don't know much about it and there hasn't been much turned up on my Google searches. Hopefully someone on here can help fill in some of the holes in my understanding. First off, I know it is a commercial UHF radio. I read one ham's website that a simple...
  2. daugherh

    Direct Mode

    Hi all. Does anyone know if, for example, the EVX-530 or any other VS radio supports DCDM (dual capacity direct mode) that can be found in the MotoTRBO Gen 2 radios like the XPR 3500 or 7550? I saw here where it talks about direct mode. Is this similar, the same, or completely different than the...
  3. B

    Standard Communications marine radiophones

    Hi, I live in Italy and would like to know more about some Standard Radio models (like SR-C801S for example) All the "Standard Radio" (SR) marine 2 way radios (also called "transceivers") were made in the USA around 1965-70. This is a request from a friend, he told me they were exported too...
  4. W

    Can Not Program Vertex VX-451

    Having a problem with the computer recognizing the radio. The software is CE115 1 cable from USB to Radio When I try to upload the radio into the software, it says to turn radio on. When I do it does not recognize it. Ive tried switching the com ports and still nothing. Any help would be...
  5. sheriff205

    Ozaukee County EDACS Standard freq question ?

    hey all, i have a question for you guys or girls , when you put in the Ozaukee County EDACS Standard freq do you program the freq that are in red first ? then you program the freq that are after the ones in red? because thats what get me sorta pissed. so if u can help me with that let me...