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  1. I

    Trying to monitor Mass SP

    I bought a brand-new BCD996P2, subscribed to RR & downloaded ProScan all with the hopes of receiving Massachusetts state police once again. I'm pretty sure I imported all the correct information, and with some trial & error I managed to figure out how to upload it properly to the scanner. Yet...
  2. J

    Puerto Rico State Police input frequencies and tones

    I would like to know the new frequencies of the Puerto Rico State Police still operating in the 154 Mhz. I have some of them but apparently they are changing the input frequencies and tones. This information is solely for educational purposes. Any help is welcome.
  3. jasonpeoria911

    Live Audio Suggestions

    I was curious if the Admins and Lindsay would like a sticky for people to list what suggestions they would like to see on the feed platform? Something for the back burner from me, is possibly displaying the feed "average listener" count in the Top 50 section. I'm not sure if that would use up...
  4. C

    Programming the BCT8 for State Police Frequencies

    Hello, I just bough a Uniden BCT8 Scanner so I can listen to state agencies as well as State Police since I have friends in the state police as well as an interest to listen to all the stations. I've programmed my UHF/VHF handheld radioshack scanner a while ago but just got this one in and...
  5. N

    State 800 Arbuckle Site

    I noticed that on the Arbuckle 800 tower it has a site neighbor of "site 38" listed. However on the home State 800 page there is not a site 38 listed. Does anyone know where this is located? Thanks
  6. SCPD

    States Raid 911 Phone Tax Funds

    Print Story: AP IMPACT: Cash-strapped states raid 911 funds - Yahoo! News Just wait till the government provides health care.