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  1. T

    Book for general exam

    I passed my technician exam a while back and I would like to start studying for the general exam. I used the ARRL book in studying for the tech. exam, and I would like to use the ARRL book for the general exam. But on Amazon...
  2. G

    New License - Any Pointers or Study Groups?

    Hello All :) I am new to this forum and would like to know about how I can get a new HAM license in CA state? Please send me any links or contacts or references. Also, if you are reading up for the exam, we can form a study group if interested. Thanks, Guru
  3. Danny37

    Ham radio test, was there a test change recently

    I've been too lazy to get my ham ticket for over 3 years because I really haven't made the effort. I remember the test was supposed to change in 2011 or 2012, not sure really. Can anyone point me to the right direction in terms of a recent manuals or study guides for exam. Thanks I really...
  4. G

    General Class license software

    I've had my Technician license for almost 20 years, but want to upgrade. I am looking for advice on study software (ARRL, Gordon West, W5YI, others) that have users could recommend. This study method has worked well for me in the past. 73, Gregg, N2UUP