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    NYC Transit subway crew radios

    Hi all, I have a few questions about the crew radios used by train operators and conductors on the NYC Subway system. The last time I visited this topic most crew portables were older Bendix-King bricks channeled out for just the three road frequencies (in repeater configuration, separate TX and...
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    Toronto Transit Commission Yonge-University-Spadina V3 OpenBVE Simulator

    Version 3 of the TTC YUS line for the free train simulator, OpenBVE has been released. It features fully functional grade time signals, emergency trip and accurate placement of all signs and signals. We are looking for those that can help us test the route: Our promotional video: [HD] TTC...
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    Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Signal System Production

    Anyone here from Toronto? Check out my production on the signs and signals used on the Toronto subway system: [HD] Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Train Signal System - YouTube. Even if you aren't from Toronto, it may still interesting to see what all those lights and signs mean. Our system is...
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    Audio Feed for CTA Blue line

    How can you get an audio feed for the CTA Blue line. I would want to listen to this just in case there is an emergency. The CTA do not give us any info on the train and I am type of guy who is interested in what is going on. I do have a scanner and use that but the iPhone is easier to get.