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  1. w2lie

    Suffolk County Aux Police

    I am working a project, and need to verify where the Aux. Police in Suffolk transmit. The only information I can find in the database is for the Town if Islip 155.01000 CSQ. I'm looking for the entire county if possible, but my focus is in the SCPD 4th Pct, area. Thanks
  2. w2lie

    Suffolk County NY Updated

    Attn Suffolk County, NY Database admin, I've updated the Suffolk Trunk system since they've partially rebanded. Someone already went in and set all frequencies incorrectly as a full reband site. I created a new site called Simulcast (Custom) and added all the frequencies I confirmed working...
  3. jlazerus

    iphone scanner

    Is there a way to have an app on your iphone that will notify you like when a fire department pager activates with sound following it for a specific department when many departments use the same frequency but different PL codes for activation?
  4. w2lie

    Plane down in Suffolk County

    As posted in the "Buff Box" and my Twitter Feed: Small plane went down in Suffolk across from Mac Aurthur Airport. Plane Crashed into a commercial building. Keep up to date on my twitter feed: W2LIE.net (w2lie) on Twitter The audio is being pushed to my website in 30 minute chunks...
  5. w2lie

    Follow Long Island Alerts on Twitter

    When I lost my webhost a few months back, I setup a Twitter account to keep my users in the loop on any updates I had on bringing the site back "on the air". Since then, I've discovered how useful a tool like Twitter can become. I've setup my "Buff Box" to dump to Twitter, as well as any Site...
  6. P

    Suffolk County Repeaters

    does anyone have a list of repeaters throughout suffolk for medcom and firecom. i know that there are several out there ..... i do not see them listed
  7. P

    Buying a portable

    I work ems out in suffolk county and am interested in buying a portable to take with me to the different jobs i work. I was looking at the FT-60R by yaesu. Will this work for most of the departments? and can i scan the frequencies i have stored in it???? I am new to this so take it easy on me....