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  1. S

    Yupi mtv-9000eu mkii

    Have an old Yupi I ordered from England years ago. Due to infrequent use (only on trips) and old age (78) I have difficulty remembering how to program and use it. Is there programming software available for this unit which would bring it back to usefulness?
  2. O

    Base/Mobile Scanner Antenna Suggestions

    I am planning on purchasing two each of the Uniden BC355 and Uniden BCD536HP scanners to use in my storm chase vehicle and at my house, and would like to hear any suggestions for base and mobile antennas for each of them that can pick up the entire frequency spectrum each scanner can receive. If...
  3. A

    BC125AT - Suggestions and comments

    Let me start by saying I'm an avid radio buff, operating multiple scanners and ham radios and other equipment 24/7. This is not a full review since others have done a pretty decent job of that already. First impressions: The multi-function knob changes channels when turned, adjusts volume...
  4. MagicMan08

    Pro-164 - 1st Accessories to Purchase?

    First things first I know a little bit about the hobby, but I am getting into it on my own for the first time. Long time lurker, first time poster. I live in the Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN central area with a trunked system and several college and fire freq's I'd like to monitor. (Clay...