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  1. M

    Spectrum sweeper

    Question on Spectrum Sweeper (SS). Anyone know more detail on how SS this works vice service search? The manual/"easier manual"s are pretty nonspecific. Ex. I have a hotel right across the street from me (CONV UHF). The come in just fine, with decent signal, when I program them in a scan list...
  2. markgrutz

    TRX-1 Spectrum Sweeper

    Good Day All, I am not sure if I should report this as a bug or if is something that I am doing wrong. I got in early on the TRX-1 mainly since my PSR-800 is a bit older and I wanted to monitor some DMR stuff without lugging around the computer... so this is my first Whistler product. (so far...
  3. G

    GRE-PSR 800 Sweeper.

    Was wondering if the spec . sweeper is same as close call ? If it is ...how do you activate what the manuel calls special mode. I understand what the search service and freguency search does. bottom line ...."Is special mode same as close call" ? HOW IS THE SPECIAL MODE ACTIVATED.?? Following...