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  1. J

    Distance Between TX and RX Antennas on House?

    Hi All, I'd like to install a dual band base antenna (likely no more than 50W at max output) for reporting in to my Skywarn Net and ragchewing. I'd also like to put up a discone or similar wideband RX antenna for monitoring Aircraft, Marine, RR, etc. I'm assuming I can't put them right...
  2. N

    monitoring with out a reciever!

    Greetings, I have found a site called websdr.com where you can SWL without a radio, Its streamed over the web, I use this frequently due to the fact that I am a renter and my landlord is not exactly warm to the idea of me putting up an antenna or three.luckily I can get away with a 2 meter...
  3. D

    Newbie question on nearby AM transmitter interference.

    Hi! I recently found my oldish Grundig G5 receiver, and thought it would be fun to start listening to shortwave again. I used to live in the country and I had decent reception, but since moved. The antenna was very loose and I had terrible reception. The rubberized coating had also become...
  4. N

    My 3 SDR Choices-HELP!

    Hello all, I have been a ham for 20+years, and recently became interested in short wave listening. I have decided to purchase an SDR radio, either the Perseus, the Win Radio DDC or the Bonito Radio Jet. None got good reviews on eham, as hams were only using them for ham related uses, not...
  5. B

    Video intro to receiving HF with Software Defined Radio

    Hi folks, I'd like to share this video I recently put together that demonstrates how one can use Software Defined Radio to receive HF. I analyse a number of interesting/unusual signals (e.g. STANAG, DRM, OTH RADAR) by putting them through various pieces of software (e.g. HDSDR, GNU Radio...
  6. D

    Condo longwire Antenna help

    My wife and I live in a condo and I'd like to improve my antenna setup for my SWL. I live on the top floor of a two story condo unit in the far southwest suburbs of Chicago. I have access to the attic which is built out of conventional trusses. My unit, and therefore my attic access is about...
  7. R

    Orientation; how significant is it?

    Hi all, I was just wondering what kind of signal difference I might notice by re-orienting my PAR End Pedz SWL antenna. Right now, it's in a sloper config pointing north-south. Would going east-west significantly improve signals in those directions or would it be only a minor improvement...
  8. jcop225

    broadcast shortwave mode

    I would like to know the mode in which Broadcast shortwave signals are transmitted in, beceause I have the Eton/Grundig mini 300PE( http://www.etoncorp.com/product_card/?p_ProductDbId=6289 ). This is basic shortwave receiver but the "41meter" band fully encompasses the 40 meter amateur band...