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system key

  1. K

    Have System Key, cant read radio

    Need help with the programming. I need to reprogram about 300 radios due to a programming error. I have the system key file, but it keeps erroring out, saying "No system key file having the same system parameters as configured for NXDN Trunking System Zone was found" We are using the same...
  2. T

    Motorola P25 Sys keys.

    I am trying to learn how to make a sys key for a radio system. The system I want to monitor is Air Canada Ground Services Trunking System, Mississauga, Ontario - Scanner Frequencies. Its the only system left that my MTS 2000 800mhz analog can monitor in my area. so I want to program it. I have...
  3. J

    XTS2500 on a TRS - Replacing XTS3000

    Hi all, Okay I am not familiar with the system controller end of a TRS so some of these questions may seem dumb and I apologize. Ok here goes.. I have an XTS2500 that I want to program to replace my XTS3000 on a TRS. The XTS3000 is my issued radio (this is not a law enforcement system, so no...