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  1. J

    T-band mobiles reception

    Hi .. is there a trick for pulling in what is (probably) a low power T-band frequency? There's a frequency in the 470-512 range a business uses for mobiles that I can't pick up at home (probably 10 miles distance as the crow flies). I'm thinking they are using low power because I only pick them...
  2. V

    FCC mandate for public safety to vacate UHF?

    I was just reading some interesting propaganda... er... news that revealed some info I had not previously heard. Included in this are things like (and these are direct quotes): "The federal government has mandated that public safety agencies get off ultra-high frequencies by 2022" "A federal...
  3. GTR8000

    Rockland County Fire Paging UHF Simulcast

    470.800 (77.0 PL) Simulcast from 10 sites* throughout the county: Rockland County UHF Paging and Trunked System Site Map Enjoy! :D * It's currently 9 sites, the Monsey (Grove St) site is not yet built out