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  1. G

    Winston Salem/Forsyth Co

    I was in Winston Salem recently with my pro-106 and neither of the default nor the Splintr trunking tables were working for the bandplan in use there. I read in the Easier to Read Pro-106/197/PSR500/600 Digital Scanner Manual that I need to use implicit tables, but I have no clue how to do...
  2. S

    CSS and Layouts

    Hopefully this hasn't been asked and answered already. My search results didn't seem to bring anything up. I'm having trouble getting the tables to look correct on my web site. I'm using WordPress if that helps. My Web Site For some reason there is a lot of extra space in each row. I even had...
  3. plaws

    Tables and skins

    If, like me, you prefer the Monobook skin (default on Wikipedia and many other Mediawiki-powered wikis), you need to be aware that certain table elements aren't rendered the same way in the "rr" skin. I always thought that the using the <tg></tg> and <freqsubcat></freqsubcat> custom tags was...
  4. M

    Ok Statewide Trunking Tables

    So working with WIN500 I managed to change something on the trunking tables setting and need to know what the setting should be set to. My options are Default, Splinter, and Custom. I did a Win500 web import from RadioReference.com and imported the OKlahoma City transmitter(s)/frequencies along...