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  1. J

    DSD Plus tags to RadioFeed

    Has anyone come up with a way to get alpha tags directly from DSD to RadioFeed? I know if you integrate DSD and Unitrunker there are ways to get it done. But in my case the FMP tuner built in to DSD works better on the systems I monitor.
  2. N

    Interface PRO-2067

    Hello, Has anyone had experience interfacing one of these for a feed using channel tags? Thanks, Stan N2STC
  3. K

    Newbie question - using tags with radio

    I am in the process of setting up a feed for my volunteer fire department. We will be using one of our Kenwood mobile radios instead of a scanner as the source. Is there anyway to inject tags into the feed since we will not be using a scanner?
  4. MedicDavid78

    BC246T & alpha-tags?

    Hey all, I was wondering if there is a way to broadcast alpha-tags over my feed broadcast. I know there isn't an option for it but in RadioFeed there is a whole slew of scanners listed that can broadcast tags and I was wondering if any other scanners can emulate my BC246T so I can provide...
  5. AeStein

    Include alpha tags in your broadcast

    I've written a new program called AlphaTags. AlphaTags is a program that reads the source and target/talkgroup information (alpha tags) from active trunked radio systems as they are decoded by UniTrunker. It organizes that information in a user-specified format and writes it to an output file...
  6. C

    Metadata on embedded player?

    Is there any embedded player I can use that will show the metadata? As a side note, I use RadioFeed as my source. Maybe a way to grab this info directly from RadioFeed if there isn't a embedded player that can do this? http://hundehutte.no-ip.info/waupunscanner.html
  7. ks13645

    Tags in Archive files

    Hello RR Gurus I am currently providing two feeds, both with tags. I recently downloaded some archive audio from one of my feeds and played it with Winamp (which I also use to play live feeds) and I noticed the tags were not displayed. Is the tag data archived with the audio? If so what do...
  8. WouffHong

    Capabilities of BR330T

    Just curious as my ancient PRO 94 is aging rapidly.. CAN the BR330T USB port/output be used with the default RR streaming software to stream the TAGS or frequencies as other Uniden Scanners do?? Tnx es 73.. Tom_in_GA
  9. TRNcommLLC

    Tag Metadata Lagging

    I'm not sure who to contact about the metadata (tags) being slow. When there is a unit transmitting and the audio is is playing the Tag for that unit/channel is about 10 seconds late to show. I did some testing with Icecast and Shoutcast servers and I have no problem with the tags being behind...