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  1. fdnyfish

    2015 Tahoe RX Noise when engine is started

    I installed a Amateur Dual Band Radio in my 2015 Chevy Tahoe. Antenna is a NMO mount drilled into the roof (It has a good ground). Power is ran directly from battery. My Radio ground is to the body floor only about a 16" run. When I turn on the radio with the engine off, my RX signal meter...
  2. D

    2006 Chevy Tahoe LT POV Setup

    I'm a volunteer firefighter and currently obtaining my EMT status. My vehicle is primarily used to respond to the station but occasionally I respond direct. I also am a ham radio operator. I do apologize in advance since the quality of the photos are bad, but the uploader wouldn't let me upload...
  3. M

    2006 Tahoe Install

    Here is the inside console of my 06 Tahoe. -Ram mount console and laptop mount. -Kenwood TK-7180 VHF -Yaseu 8800 Dual Band UHF/VHF -Panasonic CF-18 I'll post some more pics when I get a chance.
  4. WX4EMT

    2011 Tahoe PPV Install

    Let's get started: First we assemble the stuff to be installed: Gut the truck: Drop the headliner: Be careful of the airbags! No insulation? Mark the spot and drill some holes: