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  1. K

    Tait Radio Programming Difficulty

    Hey Guys, I have recently bought a Tait TM9100 with TMAC70-4T hand held control head (HHCH). I have the Tait FPP for programming the 9100's and a programming cable for it but when I try to connect to it from the laptop it won't work. I have tried now with two different radios, one is a friends...
  2. webby52

    Tait Programming Assistance

    Forgive me if I picked the wrong forum...We have 2 ambulances both have /\/\ Spectra A9 100w dual head remote mount radios VHF. I inquired with my local radio vendor who suggests that since the Spectra can not narrow band, we should replace the radio with a Tait TM8250 40w (dual head) as the...
  3. kd7kdc

    P25 Phase 2 roundtable event

    Tait Radio Communications, in partnership with Mission Critical magazine, is sponsoring a unique P25 Phase 2 roundtable event for public safety organizations and industry professionals.
  4. kd7kdc

    Grant County MACC News

    MACC Radio Communications Manager Dean Hane recently spent three weeks at Tait global headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand, to take part in training and testing, working closely with experts from Tait to gain hands-on experience with the new system. Grant County MACC visits Tait global...
  5. citylink_uk

    Washington: Puget Sound Energy select MPT-IP system from Tait

    Washington state’s largest electric and natural gas utility migrates radio system to IP with Tait "PSE’s Tait solution will feature a 59-site 200MHz MPT-IP network and 2,000 robust Tait 8000 series terminals to replace a VHF conventional network and proprietary 900 MHz system." Tait press release
  6. kd7kdc

    Moses Lake, WA - MACC board approves $7.9 million for new radio systems.

    Tait North America submitted the winning bid to provide the center with a narrowband analog system and a digital system, as well as radios for all of the emergency vehicles in the county. MACC approves radio system - Columbia Basin Herald: Latest News
  7. G

    MPT1327 Scanner

    Are there scanners available for MPT1327? If so, will they work on the TRBO systems when DMR gets released?
  8. B

    Marathon Co Changing from Tait to Motorola

    December 16, WSAU 550 Wausau – (Wisconsin) Marathon County buys new emergency radios. Marathon County, Wisconsin is changing a plan to buy emergency radios. The county board had been working with Tait-North America to upgrade emergency communications. Tait had been installing a series of...