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  1. K

    Pro-651: PRO 651 Object Not Playing In Scanlist

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, or if I'm using the correct terms so please bear with me. I'm in Sacramento, CA. I have everything set up and working fine except one object/channel/frequency won't play during scanning but it plays fine during manual mode. I have it selected for the same scan...
  2. D

    Wildcards and IDs

    I hope this makes sense and can get an explanation from someone. I'm learning about trunking systems, Id's ect. Anyways I'm using win500 and when I uploaded freqs from RR to my ws1065 I set most everything to wildcards. I'm getting police traffic on fire IDs and and the reverse on other IDs...
  3. D

    Ailunce HD1 priority vs. address book conacts?

    Before I pull the trigger and buy one of these, I have some questions. I have downloaded the software (v. 1.67, I believe) and I am having troulbe figuring out how talkgroups are supposed to be added. The software indicates there are two kind of contacts: "Priority Contacts" and "Address Book...
  4. kg4ojj

    Road Trip Report: Macon to Augusta

    Howdy, Some of you may benefit from my recent road trip through Macon (Bibb County) and up to Augusta (Richmond County). This is a list of what I heard. Many of the recordings (via my TRX-2 and/or G5) were 1-2 seconds long and made it impossible to tell the user. I'll let the locals confirm...
  5. K

    Buncombe County P25 - Fire Tac

    Hi all, I am a big scanner listener, especially on fire frequencies. I live in Buncombe County, NC. Recently, I heard fire dispatches that told units to go to Fire Tac 3 and Fire Tac 4. However, the RR page for the Buncombe County P25 trunk system only covers Fire Tac 1 and Fire Tac 2, not 3...
  6. R

    Toronto Paramedics Talkgroup IDs

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've listened to the Toronto Public Safety network (last time I listened was 2008 when they were still on the Motorola Trunking), and I just got set up with a P25 scanner. Does anyone know what happened to TEMS old Destination talk groups? (Ie B2-B4, B5-6) To wit...
  7. E

    TRX-1: Hearing more talkgroups on a large system

    I just got a TRX-1 and have been playing around with it. One of the first things I noticed after loading up my local trunked systems is that it seemed deaf to showing talkgroup action on a system with many talkgroups. I'm talking about the EBRCS system in the SF Bay Area which has about 480...
  8. E

    TRX-1: How to update new talkgroups?

    Just got a TRX-1 and loving it! The last scanner I purchased was a Pro 92 and now all my locals had slowly went digital so I took the plunge. I'm a bit confused how new talkgroups added to the website get updated in the ez-scan library that is loaded to the scanner. I ask this because I was...
  9. P

    Cleveland Area and Region Interop talkgroups.

    Does anybody know what the Area Talkgroups and Region Interop Talkgrpups are used for? What neighborhoods, cities, etc go with what Area and Region talkgroup? Anybody have any ideas about this?
  10. K

    YRCS talkgroups of interest.

    TG 1013: I'm only hearing one side of this, and it may be a patch from another channel. 1100: In the past, I've heard both what sounded like worker's compensation fraud surveillance, as well as a contract road crew talking to the ADOT Phoenix TOC. 1108: Was used car-to-car, with very lax radio...
  11. D

    Adding a feed

    I was wondering if I can add channels to me feed during a major event! I broadcast Tucson Police and UAPD during the summer months we have severe monsoon season and streets get flooded. There is a Tucson Fire Feed, However I was wonder if I could add Tucson Fire for 2 or 3 hours when a major...
  12. K

    New Genesee County Talkgroups

    I just finally got Unitrunker to talk to my rtlsdr dongle (things have changed a bit since I was last on the air) I downloaded the site info and right away started seeing two new talkgroups that are unknown. I haven't got a setup that will decode audio. Does anyone have any idea what's going on...
  13. E

    Types of scanners

    Hello I was wondering what the best type of scanner is for my area. I live in West Linn Oregon and I want to be able to have a scanner that can listen to my cities police department. But i'm not sure what you call the type of scanner that can listen to what I think are called talk groups. From...
  14. L

    Sites, Talkgroups and Systems

    Hello radio gods! I have a rather simple question. I am scanning a Trunked System with multiple sites and numerous talk groups to stay tuned into my fire dispatch as I am a volunteer. When I am at work there is a site that is located 1/2 mile from my office but whenever I try to use that site...
  15. K4EET

    AACo MD Miscellaneous TGs

    In the exploration of my new Uniden BCD536HP scanner, I have activated (turned ON) "ID Search" for the Anne Arundel 800 MHz System (sysid A43F). Of course, that will "find" all active TGs on the AACo System. TGs such as 18160, 18000, 17968, 17936, 6544, 5712, etc. to name some. Some TGs that I...
  16. mountainrider

    HP-1: LCN Finder how to......

    Two LTR Standard systems in Idaho with no talkgroups, White Cloud Communications and Intermountain Gas. In Sentinal, I created the systems as favorite lists, system type LTR, ID:Search on, created the different sites and put in the listed frequencies as well as the locations from the RR...
  17. SCPD

    Embark buses TG update

    I have put in a request or submission to update our city bus system from Metro to Embark. It is 156 in the list. Talk groups 849,850,851,852,853,854,855,856,857,858,859,and 860. This is to help keep our city radio information accurate to date.
  18. SCPD

    Cabarrus Channels

    I am asking for anyone who can help to please list all the ANALOG frequencies for the Cabarrus Operations channels. If you aren't going to be helpful, please don't reply. I simply want the answer and am not looking for people to give me a lecture.
  19. SCPD

    Cabarrus Channels

    I was messing around with one of the radios the firefighters use and noticed that their Cab Fire Zone also has a matching conventional zone. It has all the cab ops channels that are analog. Can anyone tell me what the analog ops frequencies are for Cabarrus county?
  20. gonzalu

    NYC Transit Authority

    Am I doing something wrong? Anyway, I had my BCD996XT set to SCAN the Talkgroups in the NYC Transit Authority system I programmed straight from RR db. I decided to switch it over to SEARCH and see what I picked up. I am picking up a lot of TG IDs not in the db. Did I do something wrong and am...