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  1. O

    SDR#, Drone Camera Reciever?

    I have SDR# installed on a Windows 10 laptop hooked up to an Elonics E4000 Tuner (frequency range 55 – 2300 megahertz). I have this SDR# television plug-in installed: Обновлен TV плагин. Could my setup be used to share the view through drone cameras? If yes, would you (someone)...
  2. L

    Tick Box TV

    I just stumbled across and ad on the internet about "Tick Box TV". Does anyone have any experience with this? It sounds like a great deal!
  3. D

    Want to listen to control booth for TV broadcast

    Hi everyone, this is for the Australian's down here. Just a question in regards to my title. Want to listen to control booth for TV broadcast. Took my scanner to a footy game on the weekend and was listening to sportsears, which was great. Though it got me interested in wanting to listen to the...
  4. S

    OTA TV antenna issue

    This post might better fit in the TV/home audio section, but thought someone here might know the answer to my problem. I moved into an existing home with a satellite dish mounted on the roof. I removed it and put one of the small "digital tv" beam antennas on the mast. I hooked the balun to the...
  5. O

    TV Antenna Tower questions (read me)

    I know TV isn't really spoken of much on RR, but since many people here are so knowledgeable....here it goes. I'm putting up an antenna, it is going to be about 60ft high and the base will be about 250ft from my house. It is required to pick up a signal of any quality. I'm looking for a...
  6. qlajlu

    Digital TV hits Cache County

    Tomorrow, Saturday, August 30, 2008, marks the end of analog TV in the Cache County area. At 12 o'clock, noon, they will throw the switch and all analog TV will disappear. All new TVs have digital converters in them, and if consumers receive their TV through cable or satellite, they will not...