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  1. S

    Failed my Technician Test

    I have been studying pretty much everyday, super engaged. When i dont know the answer i will envelope myself in the subject whether it be through youtube, or independent studies. I have been studying for 3 months almost on hamstudy.org. When i went to take the test i saw that the questions seem...
  2. C

    BCT8 help

    Hi, I'm new to this site and to scanners for that matter. My future father-in-law gave me his BCT8, he said he couldn't figure it out. I looked through the owners manual and I couldn't find anything to help me. When I turn the scanner on, it beeps, flashes the alert light, and the display...
  3. M

    Got a General Today As Welll

    I thought I would add mine in here as well. I went to test for just the tech today and passed it with 100%. The VEC talked me into taking the General even though I had not studied for it. I reluctantly agreed and I passed that as well! Woot! He asked me if I wanted to try the extra, but I...