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  1. W

    West Hartford TG?

    Does anyone who monitors West Hartford know what school uses the 10704 talk group? All the other town schools use a 10xxx TG and are identified in the database, but this seems like a new one. Amazing what you can find by turning "ID search" on....
  2. A

    Programming BCT15X

    I am a new scanner user and I am having some difficulty in programming the Uniden BCT15X. I would like to listen to Sno-Com dispatch. They are located in Snohomish County Washington State, part of SERS. I programmed the system frequencies and then I tried to put in the TGID for the specific...
  3. M

    BCD996XT TGID's

    I have a bcd996xt, I entered a TGID for example 1483 and set this sight to ID scan, when receiveing transmissions I get ID: displays of i4078 and others for this programed Police Dept. Should I enter all the i #### ID:s into the TGID, I can do this by pushing the .No button twice which gives...
  4. fwfdengine2

    Putting Site Freqs with TGID's

    I am having a little confusion putting site frequencies with their TGID's.. I can figure out some.. Olmsted Co. Simulcast goes with the Olmsted County Sheriff/Fire/EMS TGID's.. However, like with Minneapolis.. Do I use Minneapolis City Center Simulcast? Or Minneapolis N - S Simulcast? Or...