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  1. VE1GAT

    TK-2207C can the weight indicate a counterfeit?

    I have a Tk-2207C and the bare unit weighs 146grams?
  2. R

    I'm new to all that

    Hi, i'm looking foward to buy TK-2207 Radios. It's for very light use (talking between pit and my pilot at my local speedway). The only thing I want to know, is if we need lisence to use Frequency range 136-174MHz? Or do we just program it at whatever channel we want in this range and we are...
  3. V

    Kenwood TK-2207

    Just purchased radio on line from China to add to our vhf portable collection for our fire department in Ontario Canada. I am able to to connect and write and do any programming I need but I am not having much luck in making the radio work after I write to it. Initially I had a tone when I...