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  1. B

    Kenwood TK-2312 random STUN

    I have a TK-2312 that randomly stuns and this radio is legit and was bought by my FD . My FD has several of these radios and for some reason this is the only one that has seen STUN on the display. Now i am able to read the pager on the software and write it back, and the radio will work but...
  2. S

    TK-2312 VHF

    Hi all! New to getting a radio for fire service. My Mo V pager is not up to getting great signal, and I need something future proof, as we may be responding to calls directly or need to communicate with dispatch. I have the radio, programming cable, and latest software. I have only limited...
  3. SCPD

    Kenwood TK - 2312 Programming Help

    I am having a problem getting my computer to talk to my radio. Im using a kenwood programming cable, but am also using a usb to serial adapter. All is on a XP machine. My com ports are selected right and everything is as it should be, I think, but when i try to read the radio through the...
  4. D

    Programing MDC-1200 in TK-2312

    I am having troubles programing my Kenwood TK-2312 to convert the PTT-IDs of other radios to easily reconiseable ID Ex. the PTT-ID is say 1234 and i would like it to say like "Fire chief" i have gone into the MDC-1200 programing screen and put in the ids and the corresponding names. I believe...
  5. M

    KPG-22 Programming Cable Schematics

    Hello all: I was wondering if anyone had schematics on the KPG-22 usb programming cable. I've done a search on the net, and all I can really find are plans for the serial cables. Any information or help in the matter would be appreciated. Thanks, Methus
  6. N

    Tk-2312 protable

    Does anyone know if they make a vehicle mount charger for a kenwood tk-2312? I am looking for one with out a cigarette charger would liker one we can mount and hard wire in